Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate!  

One-third of our life is spent sleeping. Over a lifetime, we spend 24 years in bed.

 Sleep on it
The definition of SLEEP: 
To rest body and mind | Be without ordinary thought or movement | Our senses let go of the environment

Note: To the point of how crucial "sleep" is to our overall health:
While sleeping the brain is much more active than while awake

Each of us maintains a personal Sleep Bank Account 
+  Credits are Sleep 
--  Debits are Sleeplessness

Robbed of sleep by stress or other triggers

Constant withdrawals to do things other than sleep can affect health.
One hour of sleep-loss every night for 7 days is like pulling an all nighter.

Ever turn off your car only to find that it won’t turn off? It coughs, stutters, shakes, rattles and rolls, and won’t stop. That reaction is know as dieseling and is caused by bad gasoline and/or a bad tune-up on your engine. Leftover fuel in the cylinders keeps igniting, making your car chug like an old jalopy. Old car

Your body can do the same thing. You get into bed turn off the light, close your eyes, but sleep won’t come. The events of the day run through your mind. You toss and turn and feel aggravated. Your body just won’t turn off and the more you try to sleep, the further away sleep recedes. 

The answer to your body’s dieseling problem may be similar to your car’s better fuel and a better tune up in your body’s case; this translates into the right kind of food and relaxation. 

First, let’s take a look at the food you’ve been pumping in to your body’s engine.

Sleep is not a passive state...nor is it a luxury.

 Loss of sleep takes a toll on you Emotionally and Physically   

Before Thomas Edison invented the electric light in 1879, most people slept ten hours a night.

How many hours of sleep do you get?

No wonder Edison invented the electric light because

  • Thomas Edison only slept 3-4 hours
  • Martha Stewart 4-5 hours
  • Jay Leno 5 hours
  • Albert Einstein need 10 hours each night

    Many artists, musicians & scientists claim to have had some of their most creative thinking during sleep

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