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Egg White Successes!  BOOK 2

After TTC to conceive for almost 3 years and after one missed miscarriage, I'M PREGNANT! The only thing I did differently was the egg whites! I've tried Preseed, Mucinex, etc. NONE of it worked for us! I followed the instructions perfectly and two weeks later I have two glorious lines on my HPT! I can't believe it, I'm still in shock! You've really helped someone here, I want you to know that. I'm so grateful!

I'M PREGNANT FINALLY! I hope this one is sticky, but at the very least, IT CAN HAPPEN AGAIN!

I was losing hope, I'm so so so grateful for your site!!

Thank you so much!!!

Hi Momma Kath,
I just wanted to say thank you for this great website.
I finally got my BFP (Big Fat Positive Pregnancy Test) this month
after 7 months ttc.
I tried with real eggwhiteslast month--
it wasn't successful, but I did want to let everyone know
that there was no infection.
This month, the only thing I've done differently is
to stop charting altogether.
I was driving myself crazy (for example,
I read every single success story on your website at LEAST once).
I had plenty of "symptoms" and was sure that I was
pregnant every month when it turned out I wasn't.
Now, when I actually AM pregnant,
I am experiencing very few symptoms.
I thought I would share them, though,
for any women out there who are as obsessed
as I have been these last 7 months...

  • 10 dpo - very sharp pain on left side that only lasted a minute
  • 11 dpo - big hot flash in the morning
  • 11-13 dpo - brown spotting when I wiped; mild AF-type cramps; VERY moody and irritable (and I still am now at 14 dpo)
    That's it-- no sore bbs, no nausea, nothing...
    Good luck, everyone!!!

    Me and hubby were trying to conceive for 4 months with no luck. I had come off the pill and had no fertile type mucus so i tried using egg whites in my last cycle. I used a baby syringe and inserted a fair amount. Then after sex i slept for the whole night without getting up so as to not allow anything to fall out! Well, IT WORKED! I am now 5 weeks pregnant and i can honestly say that it was the egg whites that helped me to get pregnant. I can recommend it to anyone!!
    Karimah :)

    Another Eggwhite Success Story!!!

    DH and I have been TTC# 2 for 5 mths and nothing. I am very aware of my cycles and when I'm O-ing. I'm starting to get concerned since I'm not getting any younger, I'm 38 and DH is 36. I spoke to my Dr. about starting Clomid but she refused and said I was being too hasty and I need to give it time,that it takes an average couple up to a year to conceive. I did not want to wait that long and decided to take my fertility in my own hands.

    I have been browsing this site for a while and read about eggwhites, sounded a little crazy but interesting. Even though there is a minimal risk of infection, I decided it was worth a try. I took an egg out of the fridge about 2 hours before BD to bring it to room temp. Then just before BD I filled up a clean/dry sringe with the eggwhite and inserted it with my hips propped up on a pillow. It was strange but the eggwhites felt very natural. We used the eggwhites the 2 days before O.

    Well, the dreaded 2WW begins. I don't really feel any symptoms right away but am getting really anxious, I just need one small sign to give me that glimmer of hope. At 5 dpo, pimples on my face (I never get any before AF), 6-7 dpo am sooo tired, could sleep all day, 8-10 dpo achey abdomen/waist area (thought it was just my workout) and mild indigestion, 10 dpo saw white dots on my nipples and out of curiosity, I squeezed my breasts and white discharge came out of both! Now I'm starting to get my hopes up. BBs never got sore or sensitive.

    Today is 11 dpo and I was getting really anxious, I don't really feel pregnant, and I have only a few symptoms that could possibly be attributed to other reasons. I had stocked up on a few hpts and decided what the hey, let's do one, I know its way too soon (AF isn€t due for another 3 days) and its definitely going to be neg but I had to do one. Well, low and behold, after 2 min I had 2 pretty pink lines!!! A BFP!!!! I used an early preg test that measures 50 miu (not very sensitive) but I got moderately dark line, amazing! I'm in shock because with my last pregnancy, I couldn't get a pos+ until AF was about 5 days late and even then it was very faint. I keep going back and checking the 2 lines to make sure one hasn't disappeared!

    Well, the only thing we did different this month was using the eggwhites, so they really do work!!!

    Who woulda thought that the solution to our TTC dilemma was sitting in my fridge the whole time!!! Thank you so much for all the wonderful advise on this website, I've learned so much from everyone's experiences. And thanks for the miracle of eggwhites!!!! Wow!!!

    All the best to everyone that are TTC I'm sending BFP thoughts your way!!! J
    PS: Sorry this is sooo long!

    I wanted to thank you so much for your site.
    After reading it for about 2 months over and over I finally decided to try the eggwhites after 15 months of negative pregnancy tests. I had tried so many other things during ttc with no luck but the month I used the EGGWHITES I found out I was pregnant. I am now 17 weeks and due with my 2nd child FINALLY in April 2006.
    Thanks so much for helping my dreams come true!
    Jessica A

    We had been ttc for 8 months when a friend recommended TCOYF . Read about eggwhite and tried it. Got pregnant 2 months later. I was 38 yrs and had little cm. Our son is now 2 yrs + healthy but very allergic to raw egg white!

    BFP (Big Fat Positive)
    i want to thank you for your beautiful site, i discovered it on 1 november 2005 and ever seen i read thru it almost everyday.i have been ttc 2 and half years and last year i did an hsg the results showed my tubes were a bit blocked so when i found yo site i decided to do something differently.i took baby asprin 1 daily,epo twice daily upto ovulation and prenatals. i didn't chart but i had ovulation pain so we bd using eggwhite coz i didnt have af is 5days late and this morning i took a test it came out ++++++++++
    I am so happy.
    stay blessed.

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