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We haven't been trying too long, just 3 or 4 months, but I noticed right away that I didn't have the right (or any) CM around the time I ovulated. I knew I was ovulating because there's no ignoring the pain when it's happening, so I knew I had to figure out something so we had even the slightest chance of getting pregnant. I had read in TCOYF about using real egg whites, and after using Mucinex without seeing a change in CM, I thought, what the heck. I did a Google search for using real eggwhites and was directed right to your website! I read the instructions carefully, and after reading the "all we did different was eggwhites" success stories, was absolutely ready to give it a shot. We used eggwhites on CD 13 and 14 (the day before ovulation and the day of). I was really excited and had a good feeling about it - for good reason! Yesterday (11 dpo) we got our BFP! I'm shocked and can't believe how "easy" it was - just egg whites! Amazing. We are so blessed and thankful, and pray that the pregnancy is healthy and full term! Here were my symptoms:

  • 1 dpo: mild AF cramping, so mild that I couldn't tell if I was making it up with wishful thinking. A little indigestion.
  • 2 dpo: more AF cramps. I kept catching myself thinking AF was coming because the cramping sensation was so familiar.
  • 3 dpo: woke up with a yicky feeling in my lower abdomen, pretty crampy. Had a bad stomach ache when I went to bed - it felt like I had eaten something bad (but I hadn't).
  • 4 dpo: nothing most of the day. After I ate lunch, though, I got a crazy gurgly, gassy stomach and intestines.
  • 5 dpo: nothing most of the day, but got gassy and gurgly again after lunch, which is abnormal for two days in a row.
  • 6 dpo: weird twinges in my lower abdomen, and VERY emotional - a couple of crying sessions for no real good reason.
  • 7 dpo: felt gross the whole day, and had no appetite. Forced myself to eat lunch and dinner. More achy feelings in the lower abdomen.
  • 8 dpo: bb's started to get sore. Nothing much else, except very slight twinges in the uterus area.
  • 9 dpo: no feelings in the uterus area, but my bb's really got sore, and I was EXHAUSTED by 8 pm. In bed by 9:30.
  • 10 dpo: VERY tired, and VERYsore boobs.
  • 11 dpo: didn't feel much during the day, except exhaustion, which convinced me that I needed to test. BFP!!
  • 12 dpo: feeling crampy and just a "feeling" in my uterus. So exciting!

    Thank you so much for your site and support! We're so thrilled and know that it wouldn't have happened without the eggwhite trick!

    It is better to use eggs from "cage free" farms,
    They are in the "natural" food section in the grocery
    store. I use a plastic applicator (the kind that
    comes with Monistat) and pour the egg whites into the
    applicator by using a spoon (this takes a long time) or
    a funnel. It is optional to beat the egg whites to
    loosen them up. The amount to use is one applicator
    full. You must prop your hips up on pillows before
    inserting the egg whites. If it's comfortable, it is
    better to BD while propped up on pillows so that the
    egg whites will not spill out. Some will still spill
    out, but at least the majority will not. If any one
    has any other ideas on this process, please feel free
    to post a message.

    DH and I are very serious about it, but then DH starts
    to sing "down on the farm" song from Bob Evans!!!
    Who would think that BD and breakfast would have
    anything in common!

    Just wanted to share my egg white story, in case any one is doubtful!
    I have been TTC for over 2 years, and it has been a bumpy ride.
    After theinitial 12 months off TTC, I had a lap. done, and ended up back in hospital
    with a post operative infection of the abdominal wall.
    Nightmare. I then managed to fall PG in May 2002,
    but sadly lost my baby to a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks.
    Back to the drawing board.
    We have been renovating houses, moving interstate,
    dealing with loads of work dramas,
    and to be honest, the whole TTC thing was really getting me down.
    Since moving interstate I decided to try and renew my enthusiasm.
    I had read about the egg white thing,
    but wasn't sure if I had the nerve: too scared of a potential infection.
    At the arrival of my last period, however, I thought, why not.
    This month I am going do do every possible thing in my power to get pregnant.
    Here is what I did:
  • Took folate every day
  • Took 1/2 an asprin every day
  • Took my temp every day
  • Inspected my CM every day
  • Drank freshly squeezed carrot and grapefuit juice every day
  • Took herbal "Pregnancy Drops" (from a Chinese chemist in Sydney, Australia) every day.
  • Had sex twice around ovulation only.
    (Normally we would "go for it" and have sex about 6 times,
    but we were aiming for quality no quantity!)
  • The second time we had sex was on the day of ovulation,
  • And the result? No infection at all. And 2 weeks later..............BFP!! 
  • (In fact I have done 2 HPT.........both have come up +++++++++!)
    So, if anyone is doubtful, don't be.
    It is the only thing I have done differently this month,
    so I am giving credit for my BFP to the raw egg whites!
    Thanks Momma Kath.......
    Dh and I had been ttc for 5 months with no luck.
    This month we decided to use real egg whites.
    I used a syringe without the needle to insert the egg whites.
    I also used the pillow to prop myself up during intercourse.
    And then I stayed in bed until the next morning without getting up.
    We used them the day before ovulation and the day after.
    Fourteen days later we found out we are pregnant.
    I also know two other women who got pregnant recently
    and the only thing they did differently that month was the egg whites.
    I would recommend it to anyone!

    Jamie & JellyBean
    edd 11-28

    I'm nine weeks pregnant and here's my story. DH and I had been ttc for one year following m/c. I'm 43 and was aware that I was producing much less cm than I used to. Most months I am not aware of any ewcm.

    I read about the egg white in Feb. and tried it only once a few days before ovulation. I took an egg from fridge, broke it open and sucked up some egg white with a medicine dropper. Took in into the bathroom and inserted it into my vagina and squeezed tight as I walked to the bed. We dtd, and I got pregnant!

    My dr. says it's an absolute miracle. I believe he's right, however I didn't tell him about the egg whites. I'm keeping that my little secret until I find out the genetic testing comes out okay. Then I will tell him all about it.

    Hi Momma Kath--
    I'm the gal who ordered pg tests and opks from you --

    --I do not believe this--IM pregnant.
    Eggwhites work! i'm only 10 dpo and your tests were
    positive this am, this pm had blood hcg and it was positive!!!
    This was only our 3rd try--im 35,
    and i miscarried my first baby at 22 wks.last
    August. I am going to try to stay as positive
    as i am right now. My faith in God is strong.
    It is in his hands.
    Thank you for your very informative site.

    Thank you again.
    my goodness!!

    I also tried real egg whites.
    I used them only once,
    and I didn't have a very good experience.

    Ladies should be aware that they CAN cause an infection.
    After using them, I had a horrible fishy smell,
    and ended up having terrible cramps for a couple of days.
    I ended up going to the doctor, being scolded, and taking antibiotics.
    I know there are women who have had a positive experience using them,
    but I have also seen several warnings on
    the discussion boards regarding infections.
    Of course, I didn't see any adverse reactions
    from others until after I used them and had my own experience. 

    Just wanted to let you ladies know there is a risk.


    I got pregnant on the first try with my 3 y.o., and we used egg white's as a lubricant. We read about it somewhere, and thought "why not"?

    3 years later, we've been trying to get preg. again, and haven't been successful, after 3 tries. Guess what's the only thing we've done differently? NO EGG WHITES! I think we just thought that I was really fertile the first time, but sort of forgot about the "just for fun" egg whites.

    We are going to use egg whites again!!

    Thanks for this site,

    Hi there!!

    We have been trying to concieve for 2 years.
    I took 3 rounds of clomid 50mg, and 4 rounds of clomid 100mg.
    Although I have been ovulating with the 100mg, I noticed that I had little EWCM.
    So....after hearing about the real eggwhites, and finding this page...
    we decided to try it!! We used it only once...a day before ovulation!

    I am now 12 dpo and we did a hpt this morning and it was positive!!
    Going to get a blood test this afternoon!!
    Eggwhites really work!!!

    Thanks for all the information!!


    I cannot believe I am actually writing this!
    I have been to this site at least 90 times in the past 90 days!
    DH and I are ttc #3.
    I had a m/c in January at 19 weeks.
    So it will be a while before I can relax and enjoy this pregnancy, I'm afraid!
    I'll be a nervous wreck until at least week 20! This is my third cycle after m/c.

    The first cycle, I did it "au natural"!
    Nothing...then I said hey, I'm not getting any younger so let's help nature along!
    So on Cycle 2 I started research and learned of terms such as cm, cp, temping, charts, etc.
    My problem was I knew I hadn't had any EWCM during C#1.
    So I purchased some EPO and took 1000mg/day as well as Robi until o'ing. Still none! And no ++ hpts!
    So this cycle, what I did differently was bump up my EPO to 3000mg/day and take 1200mg of Alfalfa
    (as well as drinking tons of water). Guess what - NO EWCM!! So on the day I got my +opk (CD13),
    I don't know if that's what did it but I'm thinking it was!!!
    So here are my temps and symptoms -
    which go to show you don't need real high temps on a chart to be pregnant!

  • CD1-7 97.0ish
  • CD8 97.4 (bd)
  • CD9 97.6 (bd)
  • CD10 97.5
  • CD11 97.4 (bd)
  • CD12 97.0
  • CD13 97.6 "O" Day, +opk (bd)
  • 1-3dpo 97.9 (bd CD15)
  • 4-5dpo 98.1
  • 6dpo 97.9 (maybe little implant dip?)
  • 7dpo 98.1
  • 8-9dpo 98.3
  • 10dpo 98.1 (- hpt)
  • 11dpo 98.3 (1+hpt and 1-hpt!?! - 2 diff brands)
  • 12dpo 98.1 (stronger +, two diff brands)

    One thing I always loved to read in the success stories were symptoms! So here's mine, albeit weird ones!

  • From 1-7dpo, I had cramping. Kind of like quick stabbing cramps that would come and go. Appetite increased majorly - hungry almost all the time. My growling stomach would wake me up at night!
  • 8-12dpo, the muscles in my legs were paining. Like I had just run a marathon the night before. And then my feet started getting sore. This gave me hope as I had a lot of foot pain during my last pregnancy...
  • 11dpo I had a major sore lower back. And I've been feeling "physically" tired. I couldn't wait to sit down but once I was sitting or laying, I could watch tv or read for hours! I had absolutely no change in my bbs - i kept watching and waiting but nada! No heartburn either. For a couple of days, I had really dry eyes...?! My CP was different this month, either high or medium-high and usually soft or medium-soft. On 7dpo, I noticed it turn kinda mushy. CM was nothing out of the ordinary, 10-11dpo had some thick yellowish discharge.

    Wow - sorry this is so long but I know there are people out there who want to know the details!! My EDD is on my ds 7th birthday!
    This pregnancy almost didn't come to be - my dh told me at the start of this cycle that he wanted to rethink the whole child#3 thing - that maybe we shouldn't pursue it. So I told him that for one last cycle we would pray to God and put things in his hands. If its something that is meant to be for us, then it will happen. If it doesn't, then I would agree that we would take a break - maybe permanently. I did not want to bring a child into the world if it wasn't something we didn't both want. So I prayed to God and here I am, writing my success story!
    Positive thoughts to you all! And remember that positive prayer really does work!

    I was really excited about this egg white thing with the hope of conceiving.
    Well two days after using it I had the mother of all infections which totally busted my cycle.

  • Wanted to share my experience because I was sure getting discouraged.

    My husband is 41 and I am 40. I have three children from previous marriages and he has three children from his previous marriage. We have been married two years this summer. We decided we wanted to try to have a child. It has been a roller coaster ride because I was told about three months after we had been trying that I had already gone through menopause. It was an incorrect reading because my cycles were not regular and I had a blood test showing my fsh level to be 39. So we stopped trying of course, but I started having very regular cycles, so I had my regular general practitioner check it again, and it was 10. He said I was not going through menopause, so I went back to my gynecologist and told them the results. She put me on clomid, increasing the dosage the first three cycles by one pill. Still no pregnancy. My husbands sperm count came back good, and my progesterone levels looked great. But after an additional 5 cycles, had another blood test and my inhibin B count was a 15, and my ob-gyn sa id it should be 45-200. So they referred us to a fertility specialist close by.

    I could not get into the fertility specialist for a couple of months, but I had read a little bit about trying egg whites, so I thought - why not, it was worth a try. I still had a couple months to try before going to the specialist. So I did the egg whites prior to ovulation and again at the end, and low and behold - I'm pregnant. The egg whites were the only thing we did different. Anyway, I'm only about 6 weeks along, but everything is going good so far.

    So don't give up, even if it's a long haul. I felt pretty silly trying the egg whites, but I figured it couldn't hurt at this point. I didn't get any infection or anything. Worked for us!!!

    Thanks for sharing the idea! We might not be here without it!

    pgp (40 and over TTC)

    Dear Mommakath,
    My first trial of the egg white was successful no infection. Thanks to this site.
    I was supposed to be ovulating on CD 16, my saliva showed ferning on day 15, I had temp rise on day 15 and no change in temp on day 16, slight cramps on CD 15 but no CM. In the morning of CD16 brought out a fresh egg, used syring to remove the eggwhite and inserted before bedding and I HPT was -ve after 10days and +ve after 14 days.
    Sweet from Nigeria

    CLICK to check out these cervical mucus pictures!

    my husband and i had a healthy, hearty baby boy in april.

    we started trying to conceive the previous spring. i was 37 at the time with fairly regular cycles, clearly ovulating (i was charting), but with little egg white cm. after trying for 3 cycles with no luck, we tried eggwhites on the day of ovulation and that was the day i got pregnant. who knows if the eggwhites did it, but it seemed worth a try!

    a happy mom

    Dh and I had been ttc for 10mths with no success
    and with me being determined to get pregnant before the 12mth mark,
    I decided to try Eggwhites!
    Boy oh Boy, it was different but i followed all the advice on
    how to inject and prepare the eggwhites,
    and ladies I am happy to say
    despite some of the bad things I heard about eggwhites
    me and dh are PREGNANT!
    we are delighted,
    and we know its because of eggwhites that it happened
    because on all the cycles I took clomid we did not concieve
    however I didn't know the effects clomid could have on your cm
    so the last cycle before my doctor wanted to do a HSG
    we tried eggwhites and BOOM! my edd is July 21st!
    We are so happy!
    Thanks Momma Kath for starting this website!!!!!!!

    I just tested positive at 10dpo.
    I've been lurking on this site on and off for about 3 years.
    I have been TTC for 5 years. I'm 36 and DH is 47.
    A little bit about me. I went to my OB in 98 and
    she had me chart for sometime.
    She wanted me to chart for at least a year
    because I was under 35 at the time.
    I stopped charting after three months b/c
    I knew something was wrong.
    I starting seeing a RE in '99.
    I had all of the necessary fertility test
    and the RE found nothing wrong. DA semen analysts came back normal.
    I had a LAP in 2001.
    The RE flushed out my tubes
    (he said I had mucus in them).
    Since there was no other problem
    I should get pregnant in two months.
    Nothing happened.
    As a matter of fact I didn't get a period for two months.
    He put me on provera and then clomid.
    I conceived on the 3rd round of clomid and miscarried at 12 weeks.
    My OBGYN told me to wait 2 cycles and then try again.
    I ended up waiting 6 months. After my miscarriage
    I took assessment of my life.
    I knew there were somethings I need to do.
    One was lose weight.
    I was about 50lbs overweight.
    I wanted to be in the best possible health before TTC again.
    I lost 45lbs.
    2002 I went thru 5 rounds of clomid with no success.
    At that point, I said this is just not going to happen.
    We started to think about adoption.
    January 2003 a close friend of mine gave birth to her 1st child
    at age 41 after TTC for 3 years.
    Now at 36 I told my husband lets try one more time.
    I didn't use any clomid.
    I just went back to basics.
    Taking my temps and using an OPK.
    I came back to this web site and starting reading.

    • One thing I noticed is I never had EWCM. Also the only thing I did differently when I conceived in 2001 
    • was on my 3rd round of cloimd,
      I used a real eggwhite in place of the absence of not having EWCM.
      I learned about that trick from this site.
      I wasn't sure If I wanted to use the eggwhite this time
      (by the way it worked fine me, I never got an infection)
      This time, I wanted to increase my mucus naturally
      so I starting taking EPO and Alfalfa.
      I also drank tons of water, red raspberry tea and a baby aspirin a day.
      When my OPK showed positive on day 14, I still didn't have any EWCM.
      I had slight creamy lotion mucus and it was a very small amount.
      I've had creamy lotion mucus in the past and it was never enough
      for me to conceive.
      So I pulled out the egg.
      I left it on the counter for 1 hour
      and then used a medicine dropper to insert it.
      I used about a teaspoon full.
      We BD with real eggwhites on day 14,15 and 16.
  • 1 and 2dpo I had AF like cramps.
  • 3dpo nothing.
  • From 4dpo I became very fatigued.
  • I'm a night owl and usually stay up at least until midnight.
  • I can now barely keep my eyes opened after 9:30 pm.
  • From 6dpo very gassy and indigestion.
  • 7 dpo I felt like vomiting when I ate my lunch.
  • 8dpo constipation and slight red spotting on bathroom tissue.
  • 9dpo a funny taste in my mouth and sore boobs.
    My temps since ovulation have averaged 98.4
    I hadn't had any AF cramps since 2dpo and that started to worry me.
  • At 10dpo the AF cramps came back and I had a slight brown tint to my discharge.
    I know some women test + as early as 9dpo but I said that
    I would wait at least until 12-13dpo.
    But I just couldn't because my pregnancy symptoms were so intense.
    I brought a 1st response early test. The one that says test 4 days early.
    I said to myself, I know I'm testing early
    and I'm just going to be disappointed.
    Well after about 4 minutes,
    I got a faint positive but certainly positive!
    I'm still taking a baby aspirin a day and I now drink pregnancy tea
    in place of RR tea.
    I will keeping doing those two things until my 1st visit to my OBGYN.
    I thank Momma Kath and this wonderful site.
    GOD bless you!

    I too had a positive result using egg whites.
    I also got a tremendous fungal infection.
    Was it worth it? After trying for 16 months and clomid with no baby I was desparate.
    Then one month with egg whites and a beautiful baby boy we named Thomas.
    If you are concerned, ask your Dr. to check for infections after using egg whites.
    Good luck ladies
    To add to your egg white site: (which by the way is WONDERFUL!)

    I didn't find this site until a few days ago.
    I searched high and low about HOW to use the egg whites.
    DH and I thought about a syringe but couldn't seem to get our hands on one anywhere.
    So I thought about a turkey baster.
    Sounds weird but when you are TTC ANYTHING is worth consideration, right?
    So off to the Wal-Mart I went. I found what is called a mini-baster.
    We used that filled with about 2 inches of Egg white I stirred with a wisk.
    The trick is this... I have read that inserting air into the vagina is dangerous and harmful.
    DH and I BD until he feels kinda close to doing his "thing",
    then he takes the baster and inserts it an inch or two into my vagina
    and squeezes the bulb on the mini-baster.
    He is careful to keep the bulb depressed until he withdraws the mini-baster
    so he doesn't squeeze air into my vagina or sucks any of the egg-white back out.
    After we are done, HE washes the baster with very hot, soapy water to clean it
    while I lay in bed for the remainder of the night to let nature take its course.
    We have only done this twice this cycle only.
    Thought the mini-baster idea might be of help to
    someone since it is easier to load than a syringe.
    Betty Anne

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