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Hi Momma Kath,

Here is Good news from India.
Finally i got positive test in this cycle. today is 9 th day after my missed my period and my Dr also confirmed with Beta- HCG test as it is positive.

I am very thankful to you, really i feel 100% your herbal regimes helped me in conceiving without any issues.


Sri from India

Good morning ladies.

I used to be a regular on this board about 4 years ago. I made a lot of great friends and am still in touch with them because of this board. This is the best place to be if you're ttc. Momma Kath is an inspiration.

My husband and I have been ttc for over 7 years. We got married in August when I was 35 and I went off the bcp in May, hoping to get a head start on creating my family as I was getting up there in age. After a year of ttc, we went to an obgyn. She gave me a perscription for 50/IU of clomid pills, never monitored me and told me to take if for 6 mths between CD 5-9 and come back if I wasn't pg. Well, I wasn't. She ran some hormone tests on me and DH and said everything was fine. I felt like I was being overlooked so I went to another obgyn who reviewed my results. He said that I should just concentrate on my marriage and forget about having kids but never gave me a reason why I wasn't getting pg. That was harsh.

I asked him to give me a referral to the fertility clinic in town, which I had seen in the paper, so he did. I did 3 IUI cycles with clomid and all BFP. 3 years had past by this time, so we decided to do IVF and bring out the big guns. We got pg with our first IVF, but my beta was very low so I wasn't overly optimistic. Even the nurse told me to be cautiously optimistic. We had no other embryos survive so none were frozen. I m/c at 9 weeks. I decided to quit and 2 years had passed ttc and thought I was done.

Then at 41 it occured to me I wasn't done. So we started IVF again in May of this year. We had 5 beautiful embies make it to the 8 cell stage and transferred on day 3 in June. We kept one back and froze it just in case. I was confident that this was it. We got a BFN. I was in shock. 4 beatiful embies and no BFP? AFter much heartache, we attempted our final IVF FET.

I am going to be honest, I didn't have high hopes for this cycle. I thought how can I get pg with one embryo if I can't with four? We couldn't leave my last embryo frozen though so we moved forward with our FET. It went really well, the embie survived the thaw, impact and assisted hatching. We got our BFP yesterday and my beta was 266. I go for a repeat beta but I have a very, very good feeling about this baby.

I pray this inspires you to have hope. Hope is all we have when everything else fails. Hope is what keeps us going. I have lived in silence for 7 years with this struggle but I have learned so much about myself and what I can endure as a human being. I have so much respect for you girls going through this. It's not easy but we are the chosen few to experience it, and although it is torture, we can survive it!!

This was my last attempt and I have been blessed. At 42 my dreams have come true and I am praying that everything you are going through right now, gets you closer to the dream of having a family.

As I used to sign off with, I give you all a great big Mmmmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!


Dear Momma Kath,

Eleven years ago, I was having great difficulty conceiving even though I was in my late 20s. I went to several infertility specialists who were of limited help, but I became a regular on your website (not so much posting, but reading and absorbing everything I could). In part due to the education I gained from your site, my first child came into the world in 2001. She is about to turn ten this november. I call her my infertility baby. :) Wouldn't you know it, three more beautiful children followed in quick order. It has been intense but amazing. Since the first pregnancy seemed to open up my fertility (wiiiide open!), I stopped visiting the site (or any other site for that matter) and started changing diapers, having sleepless nights and groggy days, but overall LOVING the challenges and joys of being a mom of four.
Thank you for being there for so many women, including me, for all these years.

To: Momma Kath
Momma Kath,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU SOO MUCH! It was my first month taking all of your supplements and this morning we got a positive on one of the tests you sent me (although Iím only 11dpo). I was able to go to my specialist this morning for blood work and I should know by the end of the day whether or not we are pregnant. Although we got two lines this morning, Iím still nervous, but hoping to know for sure soon! I cannot believe the first month I started all the supplements that I got pregnant!
MOMMA kath!!!
OH MY goodness!!! I am pregnant I got my BFP today!!!! I am sooo excited right now I could scream! THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR YOUR WONDERFUL #1 FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her) they rock!!!!!! You really are a blessing.
Hi All,
we were TTC for 2 years and came across to TTC site and ordered #3PLUS Herbs for Her that helped me big time after 5 months of taking it we finally got positive result i couldn't believe it now i am 9 weeks pregnant and very excited i would recommend it to everybody because it will help you to make your overall health better.thanks momma kath for your great website and working medicines my DH loves your medicines too his health is getting better also.
Best regards
Hi Momma Kath-
I talked to you a couple months ago about a natural miscarriage I had in September. My husband & I decided to not try/not prevent until my normal cycle came back and then we planned to full on "try" again. I really did not expect anything to happen, but amazingly I got pregnant. At the time I got pregnant, I had begun taking Red Raspberry tea & False Unicorn Root about a week or so before getting pregnant. I am now 13 weeks along with a beautiful healthy baby - we heard the baby's heartbeat today! I am still taking Red Raspberry tea along with my other normal vitamins and I continued FUR throughout the first trimester and stopped taking it recently. I just wanted to let you know my wonderful blessed news. Thank you so much for your help!

Hello Momma Kath!!!!
I've been trying for over 2 years!!!!! After ONE month of your #1 FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her) w/ FUR I got my FIRST positive preg test ever!
I 'm standing here with the preg test next to me on my desk and I keep glancing at it as I type and I still dont believe it!!!!


Dear Momma Kath, you are an angel sent by God to help me. Thank you so much for your constant advice & encouragement. It is really Godís divine intervention that brought me to you because we are so far apart. I am from a little red dot on the map - Singapore. I started TTC #3 since Jan 08. My first 2 girls are clomid kids, without clomid, I do not harvest any egg follicle on my own. We did Clomid with IUI once but it did not worked. After which I realized it could be my hormone imbalance. My GYN advised me to consider daily injectables and IUI. Although I was desperate, I do not like the idea of injecting all these hormones daily and it is very costly too. I realized that without balancing the hormones, all methods are going to fail. First is to do homeotherapy. Then I chanced upon your website and read all the success indexes. I was very encouraged to try and my confidence was strong since all are natural herbs. 

After discussing with my DH, he supported my idea. I started #7 FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her) with Cervical Mucus enhancer for ovarian restoration and after 2.5weeks of consumption, I had an egg follicle of good size and good uterine lining. That cycle did not succeed, however, I knew it was very early into my homeotherapy. I told myself to be persistent and follow through the 90days regime and my chance will come. I monitored my cycles from cycle #1 to currently cycle #10, I have a fixed luteal Phase of 11 days. So this cycle, on DPO11, I did not see AF the whole day, I was suspicious. I was praying hard and each time I felt something flowing down, I was so paranoid that it would be AF. But with Godís blessings, AF didnít come and the next morning, I could not wait any longer, I took a Early Home Pregnancy Test (dipstick) and tested, it was negative, I threw it into the bin and went to bed with disappointment, thinking AF could be on the way. Then, when DD woke up, I was brushing her teeth and something made me picked up the dipstick from the bin and OMG, it had 2 lines on it! I could not believe it, I could not stop chuckling and my 2 DD asked me what happened. I told them mommy could be pregnant but let's not tell daddy first, letís go to the pharmacy and buy another kit just to reconfirm. I bought a pee-on stick HPT (midstream) and the line came up real quickly. My DH was really elated, my DD and my maid were chuckling away. I was in a daze for a couple of nights, I still could not believe that only 9 weeks out of a 90 days regime, I am already pregnant! It was least expected this cycle as I was down with a very bad flu. But the miracle is that it is an AU NATURALE cycle as I told my GYN I do not wish to take clomid this cycle, so that I can see how well the herbs worked so far. This is the first time I had a mature egg with good uterine lining without any Clomids and with flu. It certainly proved that FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her) works, very miraculously!! 

Momma Kath, I canít thank you enough! You made our family complete! With your encouragement and my faith in your herbs and after reading so many testimonies, it happened to me too! So for those of you who are desperately TTC, do give Herbs for Her a try, you can get pregnant too and very quickly! Oh btw, I used preseed too! Good luck to those TTC!!

XX Bee from Singapore


Hi all after months of reading all the success stories and month after month thinking I too was pregnant only to find out each month year after year I was not. Today my OB GYN has confirmed that there is a slight problem with my cervix which has been the reason I haven't conceived but the great news is that he is going to quickly fix the problem in a few days and after that he feels more than comfortable that I will conceive shortly thereafter..I have tried to conceive for the last ten years and I almost gave up hope..Im grateful for my Doctor...I never wanted to accept the fact that something was wrong..I kept the faith and in that faith my prayers are being answered and although this isn't a story of a BIG FAT POSITIVE it is a story of success. Trying to get pregnant is so stressful and hurtful from the moment you feel you have conceived to the moment your period comes on its so hurtful.. To any woman trying to conceive do not ever give up get your check ups, let your Dr. know what Is or Isn't goi ng on and above all BE PATIENT and HAPPY BABY MAKING!!!!!!!!

After extensive fertility testing, I was diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" after trying from age barely-36 to age 38 1/2 with no success. A post coital test showed that though I had EWCM, hubby's sperm wasn't surviving in it. I gave up believing I'd ever have another baby, only to somehow manage to conceive, giving birth to a beautiful boy at age 42. Wanting him to have a close-in-age sibling (his brothers are all much older), I began TTC right away, with no success. I had another bad post coital test...immobile/ dead sperm. I did a round of IUI with Clomid the day after I got a +OPK, no success. I was so humiliated by the doctor's old egg lecture, I didn't try another.

I tried douching with a baking soda solution beforehand (in case the dead sperm were due to an overly acidic environment), gulping Robitussin, popping EPO, everything I could think of. Still no success.

A few months ago, I read up on using raw egg white and tried with an organic egg and a turkey baster on the day I got a +OPK. I did my best to get it where it needed to be (it was messy), and then even put in a bit more the next morning, in case the swimmers needed something more to swim in...go figure.

Two weeks later, I got a BFP! The eggwhites were the only thing I'd done differently. Sadly, I lost the baby at 8 weeks (I was nearly 46, so I guess that's to be expected.). But the point is, I conceived after years and years of nothing else working and no explanation as to what was going wrong. There is hope for women with CM issues, especially when nothing else can be found to be amiss. I know there is a risk of infection, but I thought that possibly conceiving would be worth it. I just wish I'd heard of this sooner, maybe I wouldn't have gone through the pain and frustration of inferility and would have a couple babies by now.
Just wanted to share...


This site helped me a lot and gave me so much hope when I was waiting to begin taking clomid.

I wanted to tell my story to hopefully help in doing the same for others. My husband and I waited for about 2.5 years after being married to try and conceived. The first month off birth control I was shocked to get pregnant. 7 weeks later I began spotting and then miscarried. Eventhough I hadnt expected to get pregnant so fast I had become so excited about my pregnancy this was devastating and all I could do was hope to get pregnant again as soon as possible. No such luck. Two other girls who got married at the same time as me of course announced there pregnancy at the same time i miscarried. I couldnt understand why it seemed to be so easy for everyone around me and had turned out to be a nightmare for me. I got my period 4 weeks later which was normal and began trying again all while trying not to get my hopes up but thinking in the back of my head if it had been that easy the first time my chances are this time will be too. When 5 weeks had passed i thought i was surely pregnant but at 6 weeks my period finally came -devastating. I had always been regular so hadnt even thought twice about the fact that my cycles now might not be. The dr. kept saying this was normal everyones body takes different time to get back to normal. the next month i started checking for ovulation through predictor tests and blood tests but got no positives. the dr said it could be b/c i dont really know when to test and/or stress. taking the tests, checking my temperature, etc was all making me more stressed --it seemed like a never ending cycle. By now two other people I had confided in who had had a miscarriage around the same time as me had now announced their pregnancy -both got pregnant the first cycle they tried after the miscarriage. I was devastated this didnt happen for me and i was STILL irregular. After about 5 months I got a positive ovulation test but my progesterone levels were still low. My dr. finally decided to s tart me on clomid --i was excited to finally be able to somewhat predict ovulation instead of guessing and thinking i might of missed my chance since we couldnt exact dtd every day for 6 weeks at a time. that cycle of course, my period ended up being really irregular and came after only 3 weeks and lasted 10 days so the dr said i would need to wait for a next cycle to start clomid. I really thought I couldnt handle anything anymore --many friends and co workers had no idea any of this was going on so to act normal and hear 'why are you guys waiting so long to have kids' was unbearable. I had this on my mind at every moment and had no interest in being social. I read so many success stories on clomid i was filled with hope when i started taking it. If i had gotten pregant the first time of trying before now with the help of clomid i i thought i was very likely get pregnant the first cycle on it. I was so excited to get a positive opk on cd17 and be able to know when to expect my period and when to dtd et c. I tried to stay cautious since many times i had gotten my hopes up to be let down. I got my period 14 days after the positive opk and had began to think it had worked when after 12 days i hadnt gotten my period. Once again I read more success stories and hoped for the next cycle. My dose changed from days 5 - 9 to days 4 - 8 and it worked this time!!! I have tried not to even think about the pregnancy b/c I was/am sooo scared but I just went for my 12 week scan and all looks well so I am finally feel comfortable to write this clomid success story!!!! during the time it feels like it will never ever end but it will!!! 


Hi momma kath, Just wanted to let you know that I received a + on the free pregnancy test that you sent me today. I am 12 dpiui. I used your Herbs for Her #2 for clomid users and I am very happy to share with you that it worked.


I love you Momma Kath
Thank you Thank you
After taking taking #2 FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her) for clomid users I just found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant.
I just want to say that this world is such a better place with people like you in it.


Dear Momma Kath ,
I had ordered FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her) before and that is how I conceived my Son who is now 18 months. I thank you so much for that. Now my husband and I are ready to try again for our second baby.


Dear Momma Kath & all women TTC,
This past Saturday I found out I was pregnant after DH and I had been TTC for 1 full year. I wanted to share my story because I have been reading everyone's story on your site for this whole past year.
Every 2ww has been filled with imaginary symptoms, high hopes and then BFN's. I am sure I have driven DH crazy with my calendars, OPK's, HPT's and he has been the best man ever through the whole thing. We tried the egg whites, the making sure I O'ed after him, putting my knees up for 30 minutes after DTD and everything else that I could find that might help and always a BFN.
I gave up last month. I decided it just wasn't going to happen (probably because my eggs are old - I'm 37 and DH is 38) unless we went for fertility testing and treatment. I lived my life this past month - the only thing I charted was my possible ovulation window - no OPK's no checking my CM - nothing. I went and met my girlfriends and didn't talk about getting PG. My husband and I DTD whenever and where ever we wanted and low and behold I got a BFP on Saturday!

Here is my symptom: NONE
Not a one. I didn't think it was possible after all this time. I never knew I could become PG and have NO symptoms until I missed my period. So for all of you women out there who are TTC I hope my story helps in some marginal way. Relax and it IS possible for nature to take its course. It is not easy to just give up but it worked for us. Oh, and by the way - it turns out that the day we got pregnant was when we DTD in our swimming pool. What are the chances huh? It goes against everything I've read! It was a great afternoon. Thanks to all the women (and Momma Kath for providing this board) who I've read their stories for comfort during this past year. You'll never know how much you all helped me when I felt alone.
:-) S.J. California

Momma Kath, I have been forgetting to update you on the progress. I am now 13 weeks pregnant with twins and down great. All thanks to your website I was able to read the success stories on clomid and it changed my mind to give the 4th cycle a shot. I was very hesitant at first because some doctors say that if it doesn't work in the first 3cycles that your chances are pretty slim of it working. I am happy I came across your website to find that many women have had it work way past the 3 cycles. Now here I am pregnant with twins a year and half after we started trying! I am now anxious to see if we are able to find out what we are having. Thanks for having a great website where I was able to find "true" information that helped me to know that there are many women out there just like me.
Thank you!

Thanks for all your help and herbs! I got a positive pregnancy test this month! I am very excited. Thanks, Jen 


Momma Kath, I have been forgetting to update you on the progress. I am now 13 weeks pregnant with twins and doing great. All thanks to your website I was able to read the success stories on clomid and it changed my mind to give the 4th cycle a shot. I was very hesitant at first because some doctors say that if it doesn't work in the first 3cycles that your chances are pretty slim of it working. I am happy I came across your website to find that many women have had it work way past the 3 cycles. Now here I am pregnant with twins a year and half after we started trying! Thanks for having a great website where I was able to find "true" information that helped me to know that there are many women out there just like me. Thank you! Rebecca

I just want to thank you so much! I really believe that the good Lord sent me to your site for a reason! Thank you again for being available for help and guidance and keeping up the good work! You truly are HeavenSent! If I don't end up pregnant this month or the next your regime is making the difference, I tell everyone about your site in fact I told 2 people about your site just yesterday! Thanks so much for all your help and I hope you're as good at predicting twins as you are at herbal regimes!!! You are great! Sincerely, Mary

Dearest Momma Kath
I will send a much more detailed testimony for the website but I first let me tell you. I am 3 days late on period, this a.m. I got a positive + on my pregnancy test!!!! I guess that means I am 5 weeks pregnant. I can't believe it, I am so excited and nervous. Thank you thank you thank you!! 

Now all I need to do is calm down and carry this baby to term. The reason I am writing is for guidance on what to do with the regimes I've been following? I did 1 month of #7 Restore Ovarian Balance and this past month was my first #1 FertilEDGE Herbs for Her regime

Momma Kath, you are an angel sent here to help women like me fulfill our deepest dreams. 

 Thank you! Best Wishes Marcie

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