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TTC Success & Symptoms Stories - Book 40
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Posted by: Cheryl 
TTC #2: 12 months; 3rd month on Clomid (100mg)
EDD: April 14th

I wanted to share my success story as it was the success stories of others that helped me to get pregnant. I already have a DS who is now 2 1/2 years old. It took me 13 months to get pregnant with him, just after having an HSP. We have been TTC for 12 months for our 2nd, and I just found out this morning that I am pregnant!!

I have been on Clomid for three months (2 months at 50 mg. and 1 at 100 mg.) My DH had a SA in April which came back high in count but only 50% motility. I quickly placed him on a mutlivitamin with supplements of zinc, Vit. E, and Vit. C (all of which are supposed to improve sperm quality.) Soon after this, I found this website which provided me with a wealth of info on TTC. Based on other's successes, I began taking EPO (2 capsules every day from AF to O), Vit. B6 supplement (50 mg.), one baby asprin each evening, one cup of decafinated green tea each AM, and 2 teaspoons of Robitussin 2x per day from CD9 to O all on top of my prenatal vitamin. I also completely cut out alcohol, caffeine, and artificial sweetners. I had great EWCM this past month!! I have been charting my temps since January and I used an OPK this month. My OPK came back positive on CD16, so DH and I bd'd on CD16, CD17, and CD18. I kept my legs elevated for 30 minutes each time. About 10 dpo, I noticed a .6 degree drop in my temps accompanied by 2 hours of sharp cramps and slight bleeding at my cervix (implantation?). After this, my temp rose to 98.3 and pretty much stayed in that ballpark until I tested, so I kind of knew that I was pregnant, although I didn't want to get my hopes up!! I am now 15 dpo. and have yet to go triphasic.

My symptoms to date are mild, flu-like cramping; dizziness and head-rushes after getting up too fast or standing too long; nausea at dinnertime; and hot flashes. Also, my cp has remained high and soft and my cm is lotiony and increasing in volume. BTW, I tested 2 days early with the
TTC HPTs available on this website and had great success with them.
I highly recommend them to everyone as a regular HPT would not have come back positive until tomorrow or later.

I wish everyone who uses this website
the best of luck in trying to conceive.
I know how hard it is to get through each month with disappointing results.
"Eggy thoughts" and baby dust to everyone
as well as positive results ++++++++

Dear Momma Kath:

Your fertile thoughts are mighty powerful!!!
I just found out yesterday am pregnant
and confirmed with a blood test.

Thanks for a great web site.
I have really enjoyed it and gained lots of useful information that I believe helped us to conceive. I never communicated with any of the other TTCers (wanted to learn the ropes a little first) but certainly gained from their insightful correspondance, it was definitely constructive obsessing for me.
Thanks again everyone!

Michelle K

I owe my success on this one to
Taking Charge of Your Fertility
By Toni Weschler
Click here to Order
It really took a lot
of the guesswork out of when to
"try" and when to say
"Uh...i got a headache dear!"..;-)

I've enjoyed the site very much. I have been going into the site for almost 2 months now and have found it has been most interesting and helpfull to me. As a matter of fact, the day I received this email I found out I was pregnant!

My husband and I have one daughter, age 3, and have been trying for about 1 1/2 yrs. I have had problems ovulating. So I went on clomid 25 mg and became pregnant the 2nd round. We are very excited, it finally happened! Now we just pray for a safe pregnancy and healthy baby.

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies on the site!

Subject: Yeah!

My dh and I started about 2 years ago ttc. We got pg the first month and miscarried at 6 weeks. At that time I was 6 days late b/f I got a + preg test. It was VERY light.

Since then we have tried several docs, bbting and various herbs. I was on two cycles of Clomid, but stopped b/c we found an RE and started seeing him on July 13. I was on day 9 of my cycle. He scheduled a post coital for July 16 and a laparascopy for August 10. The post coital went well, he was pleased with what he saw. On July 27 I went for my Pre op and they ran a routine blood hcg test.

On July 31 the nurse called and said YOUR PREGNANT. What a surprise, we couldn't believe it. The RE predicts we conceived on July 16. I wasn't even due for AF yet. The blood tests show that my beta is going up. Everything looks good.

Now for how I feel, well I started having fleeting AF cramps at 11 dpo, they have mostly subsided now at 17 dpo. I did have really really bad heart burn starting at around 13 dpo. That unfortunately hasn't gone away. I find myself exhausted at about 4 pm each day, that started on 13 dpo. I haven't noticed any unusual feelings in my bb's but they swell normally b/f AF so nothing there.

My cm is white and creamy, alot too. My temps have stayed up, I haven't been charting all month but I started having night sweats so I thought I would start.

Well that's it. Our RE will draw blood weekly until a sonagram shows all's well.

This is so exciting. I think as soon as we pass 6 weeks I'll be able to relax more.


Posted By: Debbie


Just want to thank you guys for the tips I read that helped me to finally conceive!!! We have been trying for just over a year. I am 36 and my husband had testicular cancer 7 years ago and was told he would be sterile after treatment. But after reading some articles regarding testicular cancer I kinda wondered about this. Got him tested and sure enough he had a normal sperm count. But after a year of TTC we were getting pretty frustrated.

I have been on Clomid for 6 cycles.
Last month I began taking the aspirin and
Robitussin and propping my hips up with pillows.
And it worked!!!!!!
Thanks and good luck to the rest of you.

Hi there,

I used to email you. I was having problems getting pregnant for almost 2 years. I did want to share with you that I am finally pregnant and now into my 18th week. All seems to be great so far for us here.

I wanted to thank you for your much needed support and information way back when.

We had finally started seeing a fertility specialist back in October and after having all the tests and exploratory surgery we figured out that all we needed was a simple washing of the sperm with artificial insemination. It worked on the first shot in April! We were of course thrilled.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you again. I'm sure your site gives inspiration to many still trying to conceive.


Posted By: SP--ttc #2 5mo. (40yo!)

I'm pregnant!!

I am 13 dpo today and couldn't wait any longer -- took HPT just now and it is positive (line if faint but there!) I am in shock and will retest tomorrow a.m. with first a.m. urine for a more accurate result!

Does anyone know if it is ok to continue with the baby aspirin? I read the FAQ area and it seems like it is ok to continue but I wonder for how long. I haven't seen anything on this. I think it is a pretty tiny amount of aspirin to just take one so I'm assuming it is ok!

Momma Kath here...there are plenty of doctors who prescribe children's or baby aspirin during preconception approve of taking it for the first trimester until the baby takes over. Always check with your doctor when you are in doubt.

The only things I did differently this month was the baby aspirin, green tea and robi -- for some reason I had a premonition the aspirin would do something!!


It was ++++++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Rach - TTC#1, Day 25-29?

Oh my gosh!!!! I thought we'd missed our window. The only reason I tested was because my temp didn't go down as I expected today and I didn't want to get hopeful when there was no hope!! I tested at lunch... faint but definite line. I tested again after work... again faint but positive.. DH is soo happy.. we are sooo excited!!
Will post all the details later!! EEEE

Posted By: Rach - TTC#1, EDD April

I still can't believe its +... details....symptoms...long... (m)

Hi ladies, thanks so much for your well wishes and support! Congratulations to all the other + testers as well! I am so happy. Here are the details: I thought for sure we'd missed our window this month. I am so irregular... sometimes I get af every two months, sometimes less. Anyway, dh and I started ttc in June, and I thought it would take a LONG time! Anyway, I got midcycle spotting and I thought it was an anov period because it was so heavy, so dh and I stopped BDing. On the very last day of any redness, my temp shot up! I was so upset... we did it again, just in case, but I held no hope because I thought it was too late!

Anyway, I kept temping but wasn't hopeful at all. Usually on 15dpo, my temp drops and af arrives on 16dpo. Well, yesterday was 15 dpo and no drop. I was so mad... I thought "how cruel, giving me hope when there is none".. well, the only reason I tested was because I just wanted to see the "no" and move on to the next cycle!

I tested at lunch using ClearBlueEasy, and a line, although faint, appeared immediately! Shocked was not the word for me. I was laughing, crying and shaking all at the same time! It was the longest afternoon of my life as I planned to test again when I got home. Luckily I had bought the package with two tests in it. Again, a faint line appeared.

Then I told DH... he always refers to babies as "buns" because of the expression "bun in the oven", so I put a hot dopg bun in our oven, got my camera and told him to look inside! When he saw it, he said "really???" and I snapped a picture! He is so excited!! Anyway, we bought another test of a different kind (equate) and I did it this am... very faint but there. Now I feel a little better... I still don't believe its true, but temp is still up and three tests... OMGosh!

I have a doc appt Tuesday. My symptoms... none whatsoever! I had sore boobs as usual just after ovulation but that went away, which I took as a sign that I wasn't pregnant! Anyway, I'm still not sore... not tired, not sick.. no lines or bumps on my breasts.. nothing! Nothing, nothing, nothing! Thats another reason I tested so often! I can't wait to have the doc confirm it! Sigh..

I thank the Lord every moment!

Got beta results today!
Stick little egg stick!
Posted By: CarolynL ttc#1, cy 23, 13dpIUI- Gonal-F
It's positive , but real low #- # is 13.

I can't believe it,
but I am pg the first month of trying
your herbal supplements! I took the
Red Raspberry, Vitex, EPO and FSO.
I also used Robitussin and baby aspirin.
My doctor told me that I may need to see an RE,
but I wanted to try some of these natural approaches first.
I am so glad that I waited and gave these things a try.
I had no side effects at all.
I am now approaching the 6 week mark
and tested + very early with your
TTC Store HPT. I found out about 10 days earlier
than I did with dd.
I was only about 9 dpo.
Thank you very much for the help.

Cindy K.

Posted By: Ilse
ttc#1/cd31 14dpo 2nd cycle Clomid Temp 37.0 Triphasic Madness
Friday, 4 August 2000, at 4:10 a.m.
Ladies, I tested and got a +++ but...
I'm still waiting for the bloodtest -
will get it in 2 hours time so please pray for me!!

I'M PREGNANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got bloodtest ++++
Posted By: Ilse ttc#1/cd31 14dpo 2nd cycle Clomid Temp 37.0 Triphasic Madness


Subject: A Big Success!

My name is Trisha and this is my big success story to help encourage some of you.

I had been trying to get pregnant (naturally) for 4 years and no success. I talked to doctors and no one seemed to think anything except that I needed to just keep trying.

I FINALLY got a doctor to listen to me (I have always had very odd periods and skipped them a lot). He ran some tests and come to find out I wasn't ovulating, probably never have!

I was put on Clomid 50 mg and that did not work... I was then put on 100 mg and I showed signs of ovulation, but it still didn't work. So I was put on 100 mg one more time and to make a long story short...

I now have a beautiful 3 month old baby boy!

Keep trying girls - best wishes!

Posted By: Jaime, Mommy to Hailey Nychole, 6/14 

Looks like I'm joining you wonderful ladies AGAIN...*M*
I tested a faint positive Friday evening! Dh and I had a slight "accident" when our birth control FAILED MISERABLY! *lol* I go for a quant hcg tomorrow morning and will get the results Wed.! I'm terrified and thrilled all at once!

Looks like I'm a newbie all over again!

Posted By: Marts

Positive BETA!!!!!!!!!!! Joyful and Grateful
After two failed IUI's I felt like the bases were loaded and there were two outs. Fortunately I connected with the ball on my third at bat! Still in disbelief. My beta was 39 today at 13dpiui. Is that good? I had a mc last summer so I know this is a small step but at least I am in the game now?

Thank you all for your support. I go back on Thursday for another beta. I switched to all injectibles on this last IUI and dh had his best ever performance. Hoping for more positive news from the amazing women on this board

Posted By: amandattc#2/1st Clomid/9DPO "the waaaitin' is the hardest part",
Tom Petty & the Hartbreakers

Alright I've got a terribly faint line but i don't think(M) it is a real line. I am 10dpo (despite tag). I just took an Answer hpt and I can see an incredibly faint line. It is wider/thicker than the test line and is darker on the sides than in the middle. Does anyone know if you can have a "ghost line" where the 2nd line should be?



I am here to post my success story. We had been trying for 1 year and 7 months straight. I miscarried Jan of 99 at 4 wks. I went from temping to Clomid which caused me severe eye problems that have yet to go away. The Clomid was no help so I went to a RE who suggested that I have Lap surgery and then on to injectable meds. I had the surgery and they found a spot of endometriosis but no enough to cause problems. Every test I had came back ok so I went back to the RE after I was released and when I went to the office I decided this is not what I wanted to be doing. I realized that I was not ready for injectables, countless bloodwork.. ultrasounds..etc. I quit the RE and my OB.. I went to Walgreens and I bought the Clearplan Fertility Monitor. The next month we were pregnant! I just got back from my OB appointment and we saw a beautiful heartbeat and everything is wonderful. I know I am not out of the woods but it sure feels good to see the beats!


I had very sore boobies..! The blue veins became visable fairly early. My temps were always no higher than 98.7. Around week 6 I have become terribly neaseous. It feels like I had a really bad glass of wine. I am not throwing up but sometimes I feel like I could! I have not been exhausted.. just a bit run down.

I hope this gives some people hope when they think they are becomming hopeless.. like I did because it does happen when you least expect it.. trust me, I have been there.

Thanks to Everyone!


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