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TTC Success & Symptoms Stories - Book 30
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Subject: success story
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 11:34:07 -0500

Hello it is me Sarah26 and i just thought i would
let you know my sucess story, I am 7 weeks pregnant
today and found out last week i was pregnant, I
didn't really do anything different except i have an
HSG which alot of people have told me they have become
pregnant right after So i think that is
what did it Plus alot of prayers everyday cause
without God this wouldn't be possible
But i did start to take vitamins also and
drink some green tea But i really think it was the HSG
test that i had done in February, My due date
is December 19th, 2000 and i have one month left to
go until i am in my second trimester After almost
2 years TTC the good Lord has decided it is
our time...Good luck to you all and Sending you lots
of Pregnancy Vibes

Subject: This may be it :) 
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 10:18:51 -0700 

Well first of all I want to say thank you for taking 
the time out to read all the e-mails I send to you. 
As you know I have been ttc since last year, well I 
pray to God this is it this time. Well af was 
suppose to arrive on the 3rd of May and so far it 
has not happened yet, I'm keeping my fingers 
crossed, because on Saturday I can test to see if 
anything and I truly hope so this time. I wanted 
this to happen in May, because my sister B-Day is on 
the 23rd and I wanted to let her know that she will 
be an auntie if the test comes back positive. I'm 
never ever, ever late I'm always on time every 26-28 
days so I hope It's not because I've been under 
stress because I really want this to happen, now 
that I think it may happen I'm so scared. I will 
keep you posted on what happen over the weekend. 
Keeping the Faith Cathy B

Dear momma kath, 
I wanted to thank you for all your support through this 
whole process and to let you know I went for a blood 
test Thursday 04/13 morning and received results on 
thursday afternoon confirming I am pregnant!!! 
I can't believe it! we are still in shock and do not plan on 
letting many people know until the 3rd month. I guess I 
expected to hear no again but was truly amazed when the 
nurse told me I was positive. I still am in shock and 
its Monday 4/17. I am nervous because because the nurse said 
well you still have a long way to go but I am excited too!! 
Thank you again 
for all your support and I will continue to use and 
spread the word about your wonderful website and products!! 

Do you have an hour? This could be a long one. Okay here goes: 
1st husband details (just to give you my background) 
Married a guy that had a vasectomy. He reversed it a couple 
years later. We tried for 3 years on and off and nothing. 
I wasn't in to it like I am now. I didn't read things. 
I wasn't on the internet. I wasn't educated so who knew 
if I even knew what I was doing. All I know is we never 
used a condom and I never got pg. He tells me he doesn't 
want kids after all and starts cheating on me so I divorced him. 
Husband # 2: As soon as we got married I went off the pill. 
We wanted to get pg but not right away b/c we were 
moving to a new state and I didn't have a job. 
Once I got a job we started right away. 4/98 is when we started. 
We only tried for 2 months when he got epididmytitis (sp) 
and was in pain (testicles) for 2 months. Then I had an abnormal 
pap in August. Had biopsy and surgery in October. 
Well that put me out of commission for 2 months. So December 98 we 
tried again and wammo I got pg. It didn't feel right though b/c the 
first day I tested I was having cramps that made me double over. 
Next day that I tested I started spotting. Took awhile before 
actual m/c happened......like a week or so. 
Then I bled for a couple days and spotted for 2 weeks...... 
hcg kept going up and doc didn't understand why (however it 
wasn't doubling)so on my 8th week I bled heavy again and they 
think it was twins. I had d and c just in case in Feb of 99. 
I was devastated. I didn't try again until April and 
then we only had sex on 1 day on cd 9 which I knew was too early. 
He goes out of town on business a lot so this is another big 
factor and me not getting pg. Anyway May he was out of town..... 
June we tried and nothing. I ended up getting a vaginal infection 
that wouldn't go away. Of course I didn't know I had it until July. 
Tried 2 or 3 different meds and finally in October it went 
away. Needless to say he was gone away during the important 
days in November and December. January we tried and nothing. 
Feb he was gone away. March we tried but only up to day 14 b/c 
he had to go away on day 14. I o'd late that month. That brings 
us into April/May. Finally he was home from days 11 to 18. 
We had sex on days 11, 12, 13, 16. I was so mad that we didn't 
do it on 14 and 15 but my cm was awesome on cd 12 and 13....... 
dripping right out of me like snot. I had cramps on both of those days. 
Day 14 and 15 it was dry and then day 16 it was creamy and my nips 
started hurting on day 15. That is unusual for me. On the days 
I did it I put a pillow under my but and put my legs up 
in the air for 20 to 60 minutes. I swear by Vitamin E........ 
I take 400 iu and I have read that it helps regulate women's cm. 
I was also take a Centrum. Now I am on pre-natals. 
I had cramps on day 12, 13, 15, 17, 20, 24. 
I don't temp. However this month I did it once in a 
while. cd 8 97.5, cd 9 98.0 cd 10 96.9 stopped temping 
until cd 23 98.2, cd 24 97.5 (implantation), 
cd 25 98.0, cd 26 97.5.......so I said...... 
well af is coming I stopped temping and stopped looking 
for symptoms. The day before I tested I had 2 
glasses of wine. I thought for sure af was coming. 
I usually start on a Friday. My husband was leaving 
for 3 weeks on Saturday and I wanted him to have a sperm analysis 
done before he left. I got up and didn't start but 
figured I would so I wore a pad to work and only had 
to work half day. Came home and didn't start so I told 
him I better test before I spend money on this SA b/c our 
insurance won't cover it. I took the test on cd 29. He was 
edgy and we had a big fight. I went into the living room 
and started to cry. He came into apologize and I sobbed 
like a baby. So we made up and about 7 minutes later 
I said well lets go look at this F'ing Negative test and we 
both went in and saw 2 lines on the EPT. 
I nearly died. I started crying hysterically b/c of my m/c....... 
I guess I hid a lot of feelings and never really got over it. 
I called the nurse and told her I was pg and m/c. 
She asked me why I thought I was m/c. 
I didn't know just thought i would. So I have an appt on Monday. 
So far I haven't spotted and I don't have too 
terrible of cramps. I only get them once in a while. 
On cd 27 I started having sore breasts. I have had 
white creamy cm but now it is a bit stinky 
down there and not like lotion anymore which worries 
the hell out of me b/c that is the kind of cm I had before 
when I was pg. I have been peeing more. 
Not too tired. 
I am not sleeping well. 
I pee a lot in the night. 

Here is another weird thing. 
I found this site that talks about your lunar cycle and how 
women are not really infertile and that some women are not 
ovulating around their appropriate lunar times. 
So they asked for 39 dollars, your name, birthdate, 
time you were born, and where you were born and 3 days 
later they emailed you your lunar times. 
Just a note from Momma Kath: 
The TTC Store has Lunar Reports! 
Well the last 4 months my lunar date did not match up 
with my o days. This month however my lunar day was May 7 
and I had cramps that day. Also they give you secondary 
lunar days and if the secondary and primary days fall 
together (this only happens 2 times a year) 
then you have an excellent chance if it happens around o time. 
Well my secondary fell on the night of May 6 to the morning of May 7. 
Anyway I have been going to church since January and praying 
an awful lot. I am 33 years old with no children. 
I have wanted children since I was a child. Please pray 
this works out for me. I am not constipated yet, 
in fact I have been going more. 
I usually go once or twice a week and now I go daily. 
I am hungrier. Oh also I broke out the day my nipples 
started hurting which I think was 1 dpo. 
I had pimples all over my neck and chin. 
They have somewhat gone away but my skin is very dry. 
Well if I can think of anymore I will let you know. 
Sorry this is so long. I am not truly excited yet. 
Still very nervous. The line on the test is still there. 
I keep staring at it. Last time I was pg you could 
barely see the line. This time it was there in a big way. 
Good luck ladies. I know exactly what you are going through. 
You have been wonderful. I have been here on this board off 
and on since January 99. I used to get so jealous when 
someone got pg on here. My best friend is pg right now. 
She has had 3 m/c in the past and we were pg the first time 
together and both of us m/c within days of each other. 
She is almost 20 weeks now so I hope I am as lucky as she is. 
Have faith and take Vitamin E.......... 
Thank you God!!!!!!!!! 
Lisa P

Posted By: melissaB 3m/c ,1 stillbirth;ttc#5 

11dpo ++++++ thanks all of you! 

I feel I owe so much to you all. 
I have not contributed very much but I 
have read your comments and your 
stories and you all have really inspired me. 
I guess I got lucky this 
month. I'm really nervous right now. (If 
you look at my history you'll see why.) 
If I had to give a tip it would 
be go by cm and cp DEFINITELY. I did 
not temp (I was getting WAY too obsessed.) 
The Lord has blessed our 
family with this precious hope and I 
needed it so badly right now. 
Thank all of you great ladies for being so 
supportive of one another. I'll keep in 
touch to inspire all of you now...... 
God Bless and please wish us the 
blessing of a healthy baby.....

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