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Posted By: MelissaJ, 13 dpo, cd 27 98.8 YIPPEE! It was ++++!

It must be in the air...IT WAS ++++++++++! (m/l)
I am so excited and in total shock that I don't know where to begin!
My temp this am was 98.8 so I pulled out the aimstick,
tested and I had two pretty lines within 4 minutes.
I had just called my Doctor and made a consultation appt.
for March 23rd because I just knew I wasn't pg. I
called back this am and I am not getting a blood
test done because she didn't think I needed to. She said I
could if I really wanted to but I decided that
I would just wait. I go for labwork on April 6th and my first visit
with the doctor will be April 14th at 8 weeks.
I am so very happy. She asked me if I had been temping and I
told her yes and she said "Throw the therm. away...it only makes you worry" so I think I will take it a couple
more days and then quit.

I am going to list all my details because
I always loved reading them from others. I know it is still early but
early symptoms are the best, right??

I knew something was up yesterday when my temp jumped up
.3 and my bb's hurt sooo bad. Also, I did not
have my normal "chocolate" craving this month.
Actually, nothing much sounds good to me except for
orange juice and jelly toast! I don't have much of an appetite at all.

I "o"d on cd13 and got a ++opk on cd12.
We bd on cd11,12 and 13. My temps were normal until cd12 when
they spiked to 98.6 and then 98.8 today
(I will post my temps tomorrow because I am at work and left my
chart at home) This was the first month I took
Vitex and baby aspirin every day since af started. I also took
EPO and Robi from cd7-cd13. I had GREAT ewcm....
the most I have ever had. Another thing that I think
helped is I quit drinking coffee totally and started
green tea. It took me a while to acquire the taste but now I
love green tea. OK GIRLS, run out and get Vitex,
baby aspirin and green tea! My cm has been
normal...nothing different. I had creamy cm from
2dpo to 6dpo and then it dried up and I had a little watery
cm on cd9 and I just knew af was on the way but
today it is a little creamy but not much so you do not have
to have lots of creamy cm to be pg. My cp feels
soft but is low right now. I do have some pressure "down
there" but no cramping. I also have not had
any spotting but the nurse said that if I did experience some
spotting that it would be normal unless it was bright red.
1dpo - 4dpo - Nothing - everything was normal;creamy cm
5 dpo - Started my normal pre af cramping
and bb's got sore which is a little early.
I usually get the sore ones around 7 dpo. creamy cm
6 dpo - cm dried up
7 - 9 dpo - Nothing
10 dpo - Started having restless nights.
I would wake up at 3:00 am and be wide awake! I also started
getting sleepy around 8:30 and be in bed by 9:30.
BB's still sore and crampy like pre af.
11 dpo - BB's REALLY sore, still restless and my taste for my
favorite foods (chocolate, cookies, etc) was
zero. The thought of candy right now is not appealing at all.
I also felt hot all day.
12 dpo - Temp went from 98.3 to 98.6 so I thought something was up.
BB's were even more sore and feel
like they are going to explode! I had some
pressure in the uterus area and was VERY tired.
13 dpo - Temp was 98.8 +++ Aimstick hpt...
still have food aversions and feel just kind of yucky...mainly
because I was so excited that I didn't get any sleep last night.
BB's still very sore and still have pressure
which is becomin a little annoying.

My Dh is very excited and we have told all of
our family and they are happy. I am not going
to tell my
employer until much later. I know it is still
very early but it has taken 15 months to get us here and I am so
happy that I want to tell the whole world!!!!

Also, G-Momma Kath, you are so very wonderful.
Thanks to all your advice on Vitex, green tea, EPO, etc
and your wonderful products (Ovulation and Pregnancy Tests)
I am now pg and I thank you so much. I also thank everyone on
this board. It is such a supportive and happy
place to visit where each one of you understands all of our

Thank you and +++++ thoughts....
I hope to see you all soon on the Alumnae board!!!!!

Melissa J and Baby J EDD 11/24

Posted By: Chandra--ttc#1, cyc7, 1st cycle of Clomid . . . 

FOUR +++hpts!!! 
I'm starting to believe it! 
EDD 11/16 
I'm thankful today because: I'm pregnant!!!!! 
So glad I didn't stop hoping . . . 
I tested yesterday morning first thing with Confirm, 
checked the result at 2 min. (nothing), got sad, took a 
shower, got out of the shower, 
looked at it again and there was the 
faintest shadow of a line. I mean FAINT. 
So I came to work and IMMEDIATELY got 
online with you guys, got some 
great advice from Sherri (thank 
God it was Dusting Day!!) 
who had the same really faint line with 
Confirm, then re-tested with e.p.t. later 
that day and got a definite +! 
So of course I went out and bought 2 epts 
at lunch and took one, and it was +. 
Then I took another ept and another 
Confirm this morning because . . 
I wanted to see it again. :)
As for symptoms, my bbs did not get sore until 9dpo; 
they usually are 
sore from o on; they're VERY sore 
now. I didn't spot (and believe me I checked 
cp and cm every chance I 
got!) My cp was really weird, up and 
down until 11dpo (once when I checked at 
11 dpo it was medium low and 
REALLY mushy, which was 
bizarre); at 12dpo it moved up high, and now 
it's medium high and firm. 
I wasn't temping, so I don't know 
those details. I got some serious cramping at 
11dpo also, and less 
serious cramping at 10dpo and 
12dpo--mostly in my abdomen (af cramps for me 
usually come in back, 
thighs and abdomen). At 11 and 
12dpo I was convinced af was coming. 
The only difference was HORRIBLE 
indigestion those two days (and 
continuing--I have to eat a little bit 
every couple of hours to keep it 
in check now). 
As for what I've been doing--nothing special 
(being really careful in 
case I was pregnant month after month 
was starting to wear on me), so I was 
having my morning coffee every day 
(large, dark roast), and had a few 
drinks with friends at a party last Sat., 
taking a prenatal vitamin that 
my infertility dr. prescribed, and 
drinking green tea in the afternoon 
(because I've discovered I like 
it!). And we bd'd right after I got home from 
work (6-7) instead of at bedtime (10-11). 
This was my first round of Clomid, and 
the dr. forced ovulation at cd15 
with an hcg shot, so I feel really 
really grateful to all the women here who 
encouraged me to find another 
(better) dr. (after my original gyn 
argued with me about when I ovulated--i.e. 
"How do YOU know??") So . . . 
Dh is coming home from a business trip, 
so I'm going home early to make 
a surprise to tell him we've finally 
succeeded! Thank you again to all of you-- 
I would never have made it 
through all the dark days of ttc 
without you. :) 
+++++ to everyone!! 
love, Chandra 
P.S. I have now bought every pregnancy 
and baby magazine known to man. 
Do you think I'm overreacting??? :)

Posted By: JoAnn, lurking from the ivf/iui board 
For those of you who remember me.... 
It's OFFICIAL!!!! I just received my final numbers!!! 
I'm definitely pg!! 

I just received the results to my second beta, it is 74!!! It has 
exactly DOUBLED since Monday's!!! 

My progesterone levels yesterday were 9.52 (23dpo) and on cd20 (9dpo) 
they were 14.1. 

Just a reminder, I'm 42 (43 in 4-1/2 weeks), ttc #3, and this was my 
18th cycle. I have two dd's who will be 
22 and 20 when this one is born. I was divorced for 18+ years and 
remarried in 11/98. 

Thank you all for your encouragement and support that I received while 
posting on the temp board. I've 
resided over on the iui/ivf board since its beginning. Good luck to all 
and may all your dreams come true!! 
Lots of +++++++++++++++ wise thoughts and prayers to you all!!! 

JoAnn, 5w3d (edd 11/06)

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