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Posted By: Barbara J. EDD 10-23
Details about pg!!
I wanted to do this yesterday or
even on the day before but things
around here heav been so different that I
needed some time to let it all sink in.
I went to the doc yesterday to
get it confirmed and he did an internal
exam and said everything looked great.

As for my symptoms, I had just about
everything from nausea to sore bbs.
My temps were on a steady rise
as well. Before I continue and get
into the details, i would like to
thank all of ttc chat buddies for their
encouragement and prayers. I would
especially like to acknowledge Tami_T,
millie, DianaT, MichelleP,
pg_Ree, ttcErin, ttcShelley, and shelli.
I hope I didn't forget anybody...
I love you all and don't know how I
could have done this without you!!!


cd13...97.6 Started amoxicillin for an UTI 10days
cd18...97.8 ++OPK
cd20...98.0 Pulling feeling in stomach
cd21...97.9 " "
cd22...98.2 Cramping, sharp pain in lower abdomen
cd23...98.4 Itchy tummy
cd24...99.1 Fever Stomach flu like symptoms begin
cd25...98.4 Nausea and diarreha and dizzy
cd26...98.5 " " ---urine pg test at family doc
cd27...98.3 " " bbs get sore and tingling
cd28...98.4 gassy feeling, sore bbs and nipples
cd29...98.6 nausea in morning, dizzy, faint++ line on HPT
cd30...98.7 +++HPT

I still have the nausea and gassy feelings as well as the sore bbs, also
nips are looking puffier.

I only drank green tea and took
prenatals as well as have lots of water
to drink. Dh wore boxers, and after
bd I put a pillow under hip area...
never did that before this month.

I hope this helps you all a little
I look forward to seeing you on the
alumnae board

Hugs and Prayers++++++++++++


Posted By: Nicole ttc#2 after mc last year 

HELLO! I tested twice and two ++++! 
Bought a Confirm for the keepsake 
and gave the results to my 
husband in a Valentine's Day card! 
I haven't been posting long on this 
board but felt the positive vibes from 

TEST JADE44! The vibes are great. 
How about you Shirley Arlene? 

Thanks for all the kind thoughts NicC and Estelle. 

Things I did different this time: 
Vitex and Red Raspberry tea from the 
start of AF until I O'd. Went on 
vacation and actually O'd early 
and we actually BD'd the day before I 
O'd -- so I was actually not even 
thinking about it since I was early. 
So excited can't even explain (I'm 
sure you understand!) 

I'm not telling anyone other than my 
DH and Mom because I'm so afraid I 
might MC again. But, I'm telling 
you guys!!!! 


Posted By: Renee ttc#1 +HPT today! 
It was positive!!! (more & long details!) 

OK guys, I'm still pinching myself to 
make sure I am not dreaming. I 
used Confirm this morning and got a 
2nd line! I ran back to bed and woke 
dh up and made him convince me that 
it really and truly was a 2nd 
line. He was stunned! I'm thrilled 
but also very nervous that somehow 
the test was wrong. In my heart I 
really feel that it's true, though. 

This is going to be long because I 
want to give you as many details as I 
can think of. I know that I always 
want as much info as possible every 
time someone gets a positive, so I 
want to cover everything. 

I have very long cycles and I 
never know when O will occur. I know some 
of you are concerned with late 
ovulation (I am, too) ....well, 
this cycle I didn't O until cd26! And 
hopefully, I am pg. I was thinking that it 
was way too late to be o-ing, 
but my temps rose .6 on cd27 and have 
stayed up so I guess a very late O is 
okay (I hope). Today I'm at 15dpo (cd41) 
and my temp was 98.7 so that is 
what gave me the courage to test. 
Here are my temps... 

cd 1-23 below 97.9 
cd 24 97.9 BD 
cd 25 97.9 BD +OPK 
cd 26 97.7 (o-day) 
1dpo 98.3 
2dpo 98.4 
3dpo 98.5 
4dpo 98.5 
5dpo 98.4 
6dpo 98.6 
7dpo 98.5 
8dpo 98.2 
9dpo 98.4 
10dpo 98.2 
11dpo 98.6 
12dpo 98.5 
13dpo 98.9 
14dpo 98.6 
15dpo 98.7 

This was the first cycle that I used 
an OPK and I have to say that it 
really helped since I have such long 
cycles. I had a little ewcm on cd14 
and then again on cd19 and thought I 
was going to O both times, but 
then my temps never rose above 97.9. 
I had creamy cm that was sort of 
watery for a few days leading up to 
O, but never had any ewcm. I started 
using the OPK's on cd19 and finally 
got a + on cd 25. I know I would 
have missed it if it wasn't for the 
OPK since my cm wasn't very good. 

We BD'd only the two days before O, 
not on O-day or right after. This 
was the first time since I started 
charting that we bd'd early (5:30pm) 
on the night before O. It just 
happened to fall on a Saturday this time 
and we were home, not working. 
I practically stood on my head each time 
afterwards because that is what 
my grandmother told me to do! She 
said that was the only thing that 
worked with my mom. It's the first 
time I did it....wait until I tell her, lol. 

My cm since O has gotten very yellow 
and there is LOTS of it. As for pg 
symptoms, I really haven't had 
any at all surprisingly. I've had a 
backache (lower) since 6dpo and that 
is always a sign of AF for me. At 
8dpo I had AF-like cramps on the left 
side only that lasted all day, and 
then they were gone the next day. 
I'm thinking now maybe it was implantation 
because that is the day my 
temp dropped to .2 above cover. I 
didn't have any spotting. 

I haven't been nauseous, haven't had 
sore breasts, no blue veins, etc.. 
All the symptoms I am looking for 
every month were non-existent this time. 
It did feel like AF was coming 
from about 9dpo...a little bloated 
and maybe a twinge here and there, but that's all. 

Vitamins: I've been taking prenatals 
since October, vit B6 (200mg) and 
B-complex since November-for my 
LP which was only 10 days. 
I also used progesterone cream 
for the first time this cycle, hoping to 
increase my LP. I used it from O until 
today. I ran out of it this morning and 
I'm hoping that I will be okay without it. 

I'm going in for a blood test 
tonight after work and I'll post again 
when I get the results back. I'm a little 
nervous since dh and I are living 
in Poland right now and I'm not able 
to go to my doctor in Chicago yet. He 
assured me that if I happened to 
get pg while here, he will monitor 
everything by fax & phone with a doctor 
here and then I will fly home to see him at 16 weeks. 

I owe so much to Momma Kath and 
Elizabeth for giving us all this 
wonderful board, and to all of you who 
have been there for me and helped 
me with so much over the last 6 
months. Thank you all so much from 
the bottom of my heart. Thank you 
LynnP for keeping me so positive and I 
know I will see you on the alum 
board very soon! 

Momma Kath, I just got the OPK's you sent 
me in the mail today, lol. 
That was the best money I ever 

I also want you all to know that it 
was so hard for me to imagine this 
actually happening for us, and it did. 
So please have faith that it WILL happen. 

Thank you so much God!!! 
Lots of love+++++, 

Posted By: Alethea 16 dpo 18 mths TTC #1 ectopic last year
Holy Moly!!!!!!! You won't believe it... 
I hardly do!
I'm pg! Hcg at 15 dpo was 234 and prog. 40.8!!! 
I'm shocked and amazed! I really thought 
this cycle was a big bust! This 
is the first cycle I have O'ed since 
Aug when we got pg with the ectopic. 
I had a lap in Dec which found mild 
endo. I had to use Provera to get 
af this cycle but shortly after starting 
Provera I started seeing the 
acupuncturist weekly. I got af (which was 
the most painful one ever) then 10 days 
later I O'ed! I had spotting on 
6dpo (brown) 8 dpo red, 9dpo red, 
10-12 dpo brown. I have no pg symptoms 
except I was very emotional (you 
guys probably remember), I got 
a canker sore, and other than that nothing. 
Had lots of af symptoms 
though..mild cramping, headache, 
backache etc... 

Things I did different: lap in Dec. 

prog. creme (1X daily) 

LOTS of visualization 


I take baby aspirin, vit E, B50 Complex, 
Zinc, Vit C, calcium. I drink tons of 
raspberry and decaf green tea. 

I will post my temps if you like when I get home. 

Thank you sooo much ladies! 
I couldn't have made it all this time 
without you! If I can help you with any 
other details let me know! My mind is racing! 
I am being cautiously 
optomistic but you couldn't erase this 
smile from my face!! 

Sono on the 16th! Can't wait 

Alethea ++++++++++++++++++++++ :)

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