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Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 13:00:20 EST
Clomid success story
I have a clomid success story to share. My husband
and i had been ttc for
over 4 years. after numerous failures and let downs,
we decided to seek help. Went on clomid cycle
days 5-9 never took temps never checked cm never
took robitussin or anything else but clomid! I
noticed a large lump on the
right side of my abdominal area one day and a very
high cp. Still had cramps
and pms as is aunt flow was coming.Well she never
did. tested +++++
18dpo.and that was only the beginning. I am still in
this struggle because I
miscarried at 8 1/2 weeks. But without clomid. I may
not have been able to
share that Time with my miracle.I just started a new
cycle of clomid and
with god's help I will be able to carry to term!
Wish me luck.
I pray the same for you.

Posted By: cj 
I guess you never know.... 
I have been watching this board for months 
since my m/c in October. and ttc since. I then started the whole 
temp/cm thing like everyone else. Well I 
was driving myself crazy after a few months 
because my temps would always go triphasic and then af 
would show up and I was sooooo confused. I stopped temping this 
month. This month I had no o pain, 
which is usually strong and my cm was all dry and sticky after o, 
which is usually abundent and with 
some yellow like people had written when they were pg. 
I thought this month was a bust, but guess what? 
Only 11 dpo I tested +++ I am in pure disbelief. I am keeping my 
fingers crossed. I just wanted to add this to 
show you that you never know. I had all the "unsigns" this 
month and it was +!! You can't give up and you 
can't read too much into each sign. Positive thoughts and 
babydust to all. You've been what has kept me sane 
these past few months. 

Subject: Success Story for LizP 
(Sorry if this is too long!) 

I am 36 years old and married for the second time to my dear dh Chris 
since September 98. No kids for either of us. I went off BCP in July 
of 99, thinking I would be pg in a couple months, have a baby in the 
late spring/early summer and have the summer off. 
(Sorry, just had to laugh at my ignorance!) 

My periods became regular by September, 
and I found this wonderful site 
shortly thereafter. I started with the Green Tea, 
and Geritol right away. I started temping and realized I O'd on day 
16 of a 28 day cycle. We timed bd perfectly for three months 
running and I thought for sure each time that was it. 
Suddenly I realized this was not going to 
happen like I planned. Major depression, obsession, 
and a willingness to try anything. I added Robitussen to my routine. 
I noticed no cm at all. I tried to find my cervix, but never did. I 
even sent away for a mail order speculum and tried the "speculum, mirror 
and flashlight technique". Couldn't see it. The next cycle 
(December), dh and I both got the flu, I O'd 4 days late, and had really weird 
temps the whole cycle. 

I gave up and focused on the next cycle. I started taking EPO, 3000 mg 
daily, starting at AF. By this time had forgotten 
about the green tea and geritol. I had gotten these small stones with 
words on them from a catalog. I dutifully put "hope" in my pocket and 
carried it around each day. I made an appointment with a RE, but couldn't 
get in until May 17. The appointed week arrived. I was due to O on 
Saturday, day 16. I thought we would bd on Tuesday, Thursday and 
Saturday, since we had tried daily every other time and that didn't work. 
I gave dh "TCOYF" to read, so he would understand what I was doing. BIG 
MISTAKE. Dh got so paranoid and stressed out that he couldn't "finish" 
the act. We tried on Thursday, but no luck, then Friday dh got bombed 
at a party and passed out. Oh well, I thought, don't panic, we 
still have tomorrow morning. Well, the next morning I woke up to find 
my temp had already shifted...I had O'd on Friday. We hadn't bd since 
Monday, so I knew there would be no hope. I was so distraught I got 
up and left the house - I couldn't even stand to look at dh I was so 
upset. Later that day, when I came home, I had a major meltdown, sobbing my 
brains out cause I didn't think dh understood, and we had wasted a 
precious month. 

AFter talking it out, I decided I needed a break,that I would wait 
until the RE appointment and not really do anything 
until then. I was convinced that we would not become pg without 
medical intervention. I stopped looking at the board every day, and went 
about my life. My stress began to recede. Dh and I would bd just for 
fun again, and it was much nicer. I decided I would work out every 
day and get ready for my trip to Mexico at the end of February. I did 
continue to temp because I thought the RE would want to see that. I 
made an appointment with a new doc, since I wasn't really happy with the 
one I had. That appt was for April 4. 

Last Friday, on a whim, I decided I would go to the 
current doc and ask for Clomid. I thought my estrogen was a bit low 
(tested at 10 on cd 3) and I never had good cm. I made an appointment for 
Monday, Feb 14, which should have been cd3, just in time to start 
the Clomid. My temp dropped to 98.1 from 98.3 on Thursday, and Friday I 
expected it to go below cl, but it didn't, it went back to 98.3. Then 
it stayed up and af never arrived. On Monday, when I got to the doc, I 
said, well, you'd better do a pg test. They did a blood test, which I 
waited for, and to my complete shock and surprise it was positive. 
They did a progesterone level to ensure it was OK, and it was. I still 
can't believe that it's real. I should have had no chance to getting pg the 
way we timed bd, but it just goes to show, you never know. 

I will forever be thankful for this site and the 
wonderful ladies on it - you made this possible, each and every one of 
Good Luck and ++++++ to Everyone, 
Elizabeth (LizP)
Posted By: Laurie C. EDD Oct 28
It was POSITIVE!!!!++++ 

Well - I was sure that AF was coming on Friday - 
and my body works like clockwork, and it didn't come - so 
I tested Friday night w/ Aimstick and got a definite line - 
but one that was a little lighter than the control line 
- so I retested on Saturday AM with Aimstick (sold in TTC Store) 
and with ClearBlue Easy (I know I know, but I was being 
paranoid!) and got two definite +++++++!!!! 
I think that I am still in shock! 

This was my first cycle of temping - 
so I won't bother to post them - 
because they were a little haywire. 
I will say, however, that my temps shot up 
about 1.5 degrees post O. I was not taking any supplements (besides 
my folic and vitamins) - and I drank some decaf tea 
a few times a week - and LOTS of water. We BD'd the 4 
days leading up to O, O day and the day after O - and 
then my dh got sick -so not after that! 

My symptoms were relatively few - except I had 
almost constant - but very mild - cramping from O until 
about 12 dpo - and have had uterine stretching since then. 
Also - I had the TINIEST bit of spotting on about 
6 dpo - and lots of yellow cm after that - tinged with a 
little tiny bit of blood on 10-12 dpo. I have had NO 
sore bbs, only the very slightest bit of queasiness 
- but nothing major. 

I just want to tell you all what an enormous help 
this site has been for me. I began this process totally blind 
to the whole thing - and learned so much from all of you. 
Being able to ask anything without fear of 
embarrassment of judgement is such a valuable thing 
- and I truly appreciate all of the help that each of you 
gave me - Some from direct questions - and lots by just 
lurking and reading your questions to one another. 

I also have to say that I have never seen a group of 
women who are more deserving to be mothers than all of 
you. Your caring for one another and your determination 
are so admirable - I wish all of you the very best 
and all of the +++++ thoughts that I can muster!!! 
I will also dust when I can!! 

Laurie C.
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