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TTC Success Stories - Book 10
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Thanks so much for all the congrats and warm wishes!
Posted By: DianeTX,ttc#1, cycle #11, +HPT!
Thursday, 11 November at 7:08 a.m.

I am at work wothout my chart, but here's my best
recollection of this cycle.
As you can see by my tag line, we've
been trying for 11 cycles,
and we were going to start the
infertility testing in January.
:-) Guess we won't need it!

I really didn't have much hope
for this cycle because I started
antibiotics on cd12 and I thought
I'd O'd on cd11,because my temps
went up .2 above the last 6 (on cd12)
and I had EWCM days 9-11.
However, my pre-O temps were lower
than normal this time and
that would have made my coverline 97.4.
On cd15 my temp jumped up almost
a full degree (from 97.6 to 98.5)
and stayed up there,
so I changed my mind on the O day.
I was worried though,
because I didn't see any EW on cd13 or 14.
We dtd on cd9-11 and 13.
At 3dpo my temp went down to 98.0
and I got very nauseous and threw up,
so I quit taking my antibiotics
*just in case*.
My boobs have been sore since about
cd11 and DH said they looked very big
(LOL for me).
Now, the nipples are just so sensitive!

I took Vitex for the last 4 cycles from
AF thru O for the first 3 and up until
today for this cycle. I also took prenatals
and B-100 complex, but I stopped the B after
I got sick(3dpo), also,
just because there was so much else going
on and I forgot. I took baby aspirin
from AF until 3dpo. I drank green tea
the first part of my cycle, but also forgot
that for the last half.

I had AF type cramps on 9 dpo and
today they are there still.
Today they are mostly in my lower back.
I tested this morning at
11dpo with the Mama Kath's
Early Home pregnancy test
from the ttc store and got a +
after what seemed like hours,
but was really just minutes.
I will go for a blood test on monday
(DH's b-day) so
I'll let you all know how it goes!
Thanks for all the support of this site
and especially thanks to Momma Kath for
being such a great lady!
I wouldn't have made it through
these last few months with out you all!
Love and +++ thoughts to all!

Posted By: Clare
Thursday, 11 November at 6:02 a.m.
I can't believe it . . .
Well, I finally got a line!
We are both in shock and afraid
to believe it, but my doctor
said that if I got a positive test
and my last period was October 5th
- then I'm PREGNANT.

I didn't realise how all my anxiety
about TTC would turn to quickly
to worry that everything is alright.
Apparently I'm due in mid-July, 2000.

I don't have any great story to tell.
We've been TTCing since March 1998
and in August 1999 I had a Laproskopy (sp?),
plus dye, plus hysterocopy.
They found moderate endo and
zapped it. I was due to go back in January
for a check up -
and now my first pregnancy check up
will be January.
I am so delighted.

I was taking all the usual herbs and
vitamins as recommended on this board,
plus drinking my green tea. I also
have to give credit to St. Gerard -
I just completed a novena to him in September
- so I'm sure he had something to do with it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all
the experts out there who have given
guidance and tips over my time.
I haven't been active on the board
since June as I moved location
in the office and now my screen is open to
everyone. But I gained so much knowledge
before that from everyone.

Good luck to everyone, and keep believing
that it will happen.


Posted By: DianeTX, ttc#1, cycle #11
Thursday, 11 November at 5:10 a.m.

OMG! I guess 11dpo was not too early to test!!!
Hello all! When I woke up this morning,
I told myself I'd only test
if my temp was as high as it's been lately,
because I just knew it would be lower today.
Well, it was 98.7 which is higher than any
post-O temp I've ever had...so I tested!
I used aimstick and got a very faint +++
at first, but it definitely got darker after
the 3-5 minutes. I had to wake up DH
to see if he could see the line, too,
and he could! I'm so excited
but also a little scared,as we just got back
from a funeral for DH's cousin's premature
twins. They were born at 7 months and both passed
away the next day. Also, DH's grandma passed away
the same day. It's been a rough week so far,
but the +++ is a step in the right direction.

Have a great day!

Posted By: KrisL, ttc#1, cy8,17dpo and a +++ hpt today!
Sunday, 7 November at 9:10 a.m.
Thanks to the ladies who responded to my
Confirm question yesterday...
I used EPT today and...

It was positive!
I can't even believe I'm writing that. :)
I know most of you suggested I wait
until Monday to test again, but I couldn't.
I think I'm in shock, because I'm not
responding like I thought I would! I feel like
I'm in a dream! :)
Anyway, I wanted to thank all
of you wonderful ladies. I've
asked a few questions now and then,
and I've always gotten responses
that were helpful.
This board is the best!
I know you all like details...
I always did...so here they are...
I think you'll find it funny where we conceived.
My husband and I both work part-time
(on the side) at a fitness center.
We are often the last ones to leave and are
responsible for closing up, so once
in a while we sneak a bd session
in somewhere in the club. I know...terrible!
But fun! Anyway, we conceived in the nursery!
How's that for ironic!
My main symptoms are sore boobs
and bouts of being nauseous.
I never got sore boobs, not even before af.
So that's a definite sign for me.
Major fatigue, frequent bathroom breaks,
and just not feeling right. That's pretty much it.
It took us 8 months to get it, so you just never know.
I'm going to be 33 this month and dh is 36,
so we were really hoping for it to happen this year.
Thanks again for all of your help,
and I hope all of you find a +++++ soon!


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