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++++++++ I'M PREGNANT, FINALLY+++++++ (details -long)

Posted By: LynnM

Hi all, I'm so excited I can hardly type. It seemed this day would never come. Here are the details:

I'm 39. Have a 15 mo. old conceived first try. Been ttc #2 for almost a year and my Dr. said it was probably because of my age. I had a high FSH test a couple of months ago. About 2 months ago had an HSG and my tubes were fine. I was due for a Lap next month which I sensed I wasn't going to need. Tried 3 months of clomid (finished last month) which didn't do anything. I had up until about 2 months ago been using Robitussin, EPO, B6, and then went on vacation away from DH for 3 weeks and was concerned that I would be returning on cd15 this month and miss O. So last month I used natural progesterone cream to lengthen cycle and returned on cd12. My whole trip I forgot to take ANY of my vitamins or herbs so I cannot say that they helped. Well so much for the theory that flying messes up getting pregnant. We dtd on cd12 when I returned and again on cd14 only. I O. on cd15. I had lots of EWCM from cd11-15. I also used progesterone cream again this month. There were however some things we did different this month which I think definitely helped. I remembered how I got pregnant last time and tried to do everything exactly the same. Last time I had finished using Monistat7 right before DTD because I thought I might have a yeast infection so even though I had no symptoms this time I used it again anyway Monistat3 and finished 2 days before ttc. Then I remembered last time I got pregnant while DTD on my side. DH on top. I guess this would be similar to doggy style. Maybe I have a tipped uterus? So we tried this for cd12 and 14. (not very comfortable for me but worth it).

I had a huge dip on cd22 (7dpo) 98.3 and temps have been high ever since. Around 98.8 to 99.0.

12dpo I used HPT and got a very faint line after about 9 minutes. The time limit was 3 to 10 minutes. Then yesterday 13dpo got another faint line same as before.

The Dr. told me it was definitely positive but the numbers were low. Probably because I had my blood test on only 13dpo. He said I will need an ultrasound next week and blood tests over the next two weeks. And I think he is putting me on progesterone supplements.

My only sypmtoms to date: tired (going to bed at 9:30, napping in day), very hot especially at night and only slight nausea from time to time. Did have heartburn one night and also had a sore throat off and on also the past two weeks. Don't know if that's related or not.

I also have to say I believe in faith and the power of prayer and have been believing God that I would be pregnant soon (somehow I knew this would be the month). I also have an excellent book called "Supernatural Childbirth" by Jackie Mize about people who got pregnant when it was impossible and went on to have supernatural painfree births by believing God and standing on scriptures. If anyone would like to have the address where to get this book, they can mail me direct.

Hope all these details help someone else to get pregnant. Thank you to Elizabeth and everyone for answering my many questions.


OMG!!! I got 2 lines on an HPT this am...

Posted By: Gwen W

Yesterday temp shot up to 98.7 (my highest ever), and I thought if it was still up today then I would test. Well, last night I had a little watery pink cm. I just knew AF was on the way. This am temp was 98.5 so I finally used one of my HPT's. The line showed up right away and is dark. I think I'm only 14 dpo. I was shaking so badly. I can't believe the blessing I've just received!!! I'll be calling my dr. as soon as he opens!


It's POSITIVE, the blood test confirmed it!! (more)

Posted By: Lori

Wow - I'm still shaking. I thought it would be positive (I've been burping all day, just like I did the whole 9 months with DD & DS).

Today I'm 13dpIUI and the HCG was 98. I go back on Thursday for another level to check the rate of increase!

I stopped and bought a Father's Guide to Pregnancy to give my DH tonight - think he'll get the hint?

I don't know about details - tried 3 cycles natural, then 5 cycles with clomid - all were unsuccessful. At this point DH was tested and we found out not only did I have fertility issues, so did he! This was our first cycle of Fertinex followed by an IUI! The insemination was on 8/11, and based on that they've said my EDD will be 5/3!

You guys are all great, and I hope each one of you is soon feeling the way I do right now!



My Sucess story..

Well other than being gone for the first of the cycle and really missing Ken did nothing different we even missed O by 2 days.....Slow rise this month....dtd 2 times every second day starting cd10 and finishing on Cd14 and once the other days....Oed on Cd16...Heavy boobs starting and tingling sensation starting on Cd22 and on Cd 24 a tugging sensation began in my lower abdomen...I tested on Cd 24 and got a phantom line i thought and then af was due today Cd27 or 28 so I tested as my normal mood swing wasn't around and temp went triphasic this am instead of taking a dive or staying the same....I am 266 in the database and only half a month of temps in there.....oh ya and i need Hot Rod pepperoni sticks right now....I tested on Cd 24 with CBE and then today Cd27 with confirm.....I drank about 2 cups of coffee a day and 1 pepsi at night and i was on a diet this month...Dr confirmed pg and now waiting for hcg levels as with last pg had low levels that threatened miscarriage for 28 weeks.....If i missed anything let me know....Thanks Momma For this site as it kept me sane in My TTC months and it has been wonderful......I look forward to sharing it all with you this time.....

Your Loving Friend Carmen

The pregnant one........


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