Vitex ~ Chaste Tree Berry ~ Agnus Castus

A key supplement to ovulate sooner and ease PMS symptoms and cramping is
Vitex ~ Chaste Tree Berry ~ Agnus Castus 

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V I T E X - Chasteberry

Ladies, I want to mention that taking Vitex "alone" is not the answer.
It works much more efficiently when taken with another herb.

That is how my special blend "Herbs for Her" capsule came to be.
This special blend of Vitex and Red Raspberry has been helping women conceive for years!
I would be doing you a disservice if I did not mention, the Herbs for Her capsule is good but
the entire Get the FertilEDGE with Herbs for Her
These regime packages provide you with all you need to nourish your reproductive organs,
in just the right quantity and with very detailed instructions.
Try a regime and see!
Lots of Love and Positive Thoughts +++
Momma Kath

Vitex allergic reaction:
Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I tried vitex agnus cactus (chasteberry) upon your website's suggestion last week. I used the herb-pharm brand in liquid form for 2 days, but stopped immediately once I began to notice painful red bumps on my feet and hands. They are still here almost a week later, and I spoke with the herbalist at herb-pharm, and according to his literature, he says it is rare to have an allergic reaction of this kind, but that it can happen and that the my bumps fit the description of the type of painful reaction that can occur. So, please be warned that some people can have very uncomfortable reactions to vitex, and you may want to inform some of your TTC readers of this, as it would have been helpful information for me.
Thanks and keep up the website!
-Yours, Adrienne

  I am taking two 500 mg capsules
or 1,000 mg per day of Vitex.
I use the same dosage for the entire cycle
but some ladies perfer to stop or
lower the dosage after ovulation.
When to start?
I started taking it @ 12 dpo
and I will continue taking it until
I test +hpt and the Doctor has
started a progesterone supplement.
I am currently taking Prometrium
a prescription progesterone tablet
that exactly mimics the chemistry
of the progesterone our bodies create.
IMHO, Vitex should not be taken at the same time as
either Clomid
because they would cancel each other out.

Momma Kath

I had never had a regular cycle in my life,
sometimes even skipping months, until I took Vitex.
I took it for about 3-4 months a little over a year ago
and have been exactly 30 -31 days between periods ever since.
This stuff really worked!

I started Vitex this cycle specifically
to encourage an earlier O.
My cycles usually run 34 days,
with O happening pretty consistently
on cd20. I know that you need to
take Vitex consistently for 2-3 months to
reach a therapeutic level,
but this month I O'd on cd17.
I have no explanation other than the Vitex,
and I'm very grateful!

Vitex (Chasteberry) information enclosed:
Posted By: G-Momma Kath
Information taken from 
Green Pharmacy by James Duke
The small fruits of the chaste tree
have been used for menstrual disorders
since Greco-Roman times.

Researchers have found that chasteberry
helps relieve PMS because of its
effects on female sex hormones.
It helps balance hormones produced
during women's monthly cycles,
increasing production of luteinizing hormone
and inhibiting the release of
follicle-stimulating hormone.
This leads to a shift in the
estrogen-progesterone ratio,
resulting in less estrogen to cause
or aggravate PMS.
The only caveat is that
women who have PMS with significant depression
should probably steer clear of chasteberry.
Some research suggests that PMS with depression
is caused by excess progesterone,
and chasteberry is said to raise progesterone levels.

For most women, though, chasteberry works.
In one year long study, women with PMS
took either 175 milligrams a day of chasteberry extract
or 200 milligrams a day of B6,
a frequently touted supplement that is said to quell PMS.
Chasteberry proved clearly superior to B6.

TTC Temp Board
Hi, AJ!
In Response To: Vitex and O (AJ)
I've been taking Vitex for about 3 months
and it has been great for me.
My O's have gotten progessively earlier:
was around cd17, then 14, then 12, and cd10 this cycle.
Also, I used to get debilitating cramps on cd1,
and no other time, but since the Vitex, I get bearable
(although still uncomfortable) cramps
for 1-2 days before AF and 1-2 days during.
Hope it helps you, too. +++++
Posted By: DianeTX, ttc#1, cycle#12

I have two questions:

When should you take vitex; and
Can you take it with clomid?

Start Vitex immediately.
Vitex may be started at any time in the cycle
and taken the entire cycle.
DO NOT take Vitex and Clomid at the same time.


This is going on my 3rd cycle of taking vitex and this month I did
notice that I got my O earlier than usual.
This would be great, because my cycles are
typically 32 days, would love to have a shorter cycle...
I also used to have a little mid-cycle spotting (pre-O)
and it seems to have helped that.

Shelly R
I have been TTC baby #2 for 5 months
with no success yet.
I am 40 1/2 and WANT another baby
before it is too late for me
to have anymore children.

I have been using Vitex liquid for 3 months.
At first I started taking 20 drops, 4 times a day.
Then I noticed my period came REALLY early,
like 26 days (my periods are usually 28-30 days).
So I dropped it to 2 times a day (20 drops each time).
And my next period was a 25 day cycle.
Now I am taking it only once day
(in the morning......20 drops).

My questions are:
Should I be taking the Vitex every day?
Should I stop taking it when I get my period?
How much should I be taking?
I was also using Pro-Gest cream 2 times a day
(quit using it), every day except during
my period.

Is this good or bad to be using
Vitex AND Pro-Gest cream together?
Or would it increase my chances of getting pregnant?

Any help would be most appreciated.


Shelly, my thought is to take Get the FertilEDGE with Herbs for Her to create stability with your progesterone long term.
You can use the Prog Cream for immediate resullts.
with Vitex you are handling the entire cycle,
helping with LH in the beginning, then estrogen
and ultimately progesterone in the dpo stage.
With Progesterone Cream you are ingesting progesterone, instantly.
As for dosage of Vitex, take what they recommend
on the package. My recommended dosage for
TTC Store Vitex is two capsules per day
for the entire cycle or until you become pregnant
and are under a doctor's care.
Lots of love and fertile thoughts :o}
Momma Kath

I have been trying to conceive since May of this year,
My doctor started me out on 50mg of clomid,
my estradiol levels were taken and results were 189,
we increased my dosage to 100mg, again,
not good estradiol levels, 186.
Then he increased me to 150mg of clomid,
with that I took Vitex ( Chaste tree berry) and Licorice root.
Vitex - 2 capsules a day from Day 1 thru Day 12, then no more.
I took Licorice root day 1 thru day 12- 3 capsules,
three times daily, then no more.
My estradiol levels did increase to 288.
A level my Doctor was pleased with,
until I told him what I had taken in addition.
He said that if either of these herbs contained
estrogen precursers,
then perhaps my increase in levels
was due to that and not actual ovulation.
So when estradiol levels are taken
when a person is on Clomid,
the increase is a sign that your body
is responding to the medication.
But if any medication is taken with clomid
that contains estrogen precursers,
you may get false results.
So my doctor has put me back on
150mg this month and is going to retest
my estradiol level at Day 14.

My Question is: Since I only took the herbal supplements
for twelve days, could they have had that much impact
on my levels, would it not take longer than twelve days
for these herbal supplements to work? If you don't know,
maybe you could point me in the right direction to find out.
Very much appreciated,

  Sent to me from DianeTX
More info on Vitex - Found this interesting!
Vitex-Agnus castus (Chaste Tree Berries)

Chaste Tree has a long history of use-first mentioned
in the writings of Hippocrates in the 4th century BC.
It derives both its common and botanical name from the
belief that it would suppress libido. King's American
Dispensatory reports it a a galactagogue and
emmenagogue, also for impotence. Weiss' recommends it
for menstrual disorders due to corpus luteum

Chaste Tree is a member of the Verbena family, native
to the Mediterranean and Central Asia. It is a shrub
with finger-shaped leaves and slender violet flowers.
It blooms in the summer and develops a dark brown or
black berry the size of a pepper corn. The fruit has a
spicy pepper like aroma and taste. The dried ripe
fruits are used medicinally. Chaste Tree can be found
in the US as a landscape plant.

Essential oils, including limonene,
cineole and sabinene.
Iridoid glycosides, including
agnuside and aucubin.
Flavonoids, including castican,
orientin and isovitexin.
May also contain steroidal constituents.

Corpus luteum insufficiency
polymenorrhea, anovulatory bleeding, secondary
amenorrhea, infertility, PMS.
Poor lactation
Possibly indicated for hot flashes,
uterine fibroids,
ovarian cysts and endometriosis.

Modulates progesterone levels by increasing
luteinizing hormone and decreasing follicle
stimulating hormone in the pituitary gland
Modulates prolactin secretion from the pituitary gland

Recommended Dosage
German Commission E monograph recommends 40 drops
(~ 1 ml) of an alcohol extract daily in
the morning Extract should contain at least 90
mg of the dried berries in each 1 ml

Slow acting- For PMS and Poor lactation should
see some changes in 1-2 months, with
complete relief of symptom in 4-6 months,
for infertility may need 5-7 months or longer,
for secondary amenorrhea
may need 18 months of treatment.

Side Effects
Appears to have few side effects-
1-2% of those in studies.
Main side effects were nausea, increased
menstrual flow, diarrhea, acne, itching

Pregnancy -if used for infertility treatment,
discontinue use as soon as pregnancy is confirmed

Use with prescription medications
No known interactions

Use in pregnancy & lactation
Contraindicated in pregnancy due to
hormonal effects
Safe for use in lactation-
increases milk production,
safe for the infant

Summary of Scientific Studies
PMS- 1542 women, 90% had improvement or complete
relief of symptoms, 2% side effects,
some improvement of symptoms in
in an average of 25 days
Abnormal menstrual cycles-186 women, 140 had
normalization of their cycles Infertility- 45
women, 7 were pregnant after 3 months of treatment
Hyperprolactinemia- Prolactin release significantly
reduced in a study of 52 women
Poor lactation- Most women in one controlled study
effectively increased milk production with Vitex

Posted By: Meme, edd#2

The information I got about vitex and pcos came from the pcos
site at
They have a board dedicated to pcos and moderated by two doctors.
I posted a question regarding the use of vitex and was
told that vitex increases production of LH.
Since women with pcos already have constant LH surges, vitex
is not a good idea. I also confirmed this by searching on the
internet for vitex and how it works. I don't
have the site bookmarked, but it did say that it
increases production of LH.

The constant LH surge also makes OPKs
a waste of money if you have pcos. The same is true of
ovulation monitors. In fact, the Clear Blue Ovulation Monitor
(i think that's the name) site specifically says
to not use the product if you have pcos.

Hope this info helps.

I've answered my own question about vitex and
prolactin levels. Apparently the hormonal constituent
of Chasteberry does not directly lower or increase
prolactin or progesterone - so the scientific study
regarding the reduction of prolactin included in
Diane's info. on the vitex board is incomplete.
Chasteberry prevents hormone levels from deviating
from your own norm - therefore, if you are having
trouble nursing because your prolactin levels
drop - they can no longer drop. If you are having
trouble conceiving because your progesterone levels drop
before or very early in a pregnancy -
the chasteberry will prevent this drop.
This is most likely the reason it is contraindicated
during pregnancy as well - it would prevent the
pituitary of someone with a fully functioning corpus
luteum from acting on the message to
continue to increase progesterone.
And of course it works the same way with
someone who has sudden surges of hormones.
My sources are:

Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy: From Conception to Childbirth by Penelope Ody

The Herb Book by John Lust

Thought you might like to know.

Amy G.

A little Vitex testimonial (in case you were thinking of using it..)
My sister will be 40 in a couple of months.
She's had normal, painless, short and sweet AF's
her entire life until this past year.
She had begun what her doc suspects might be perimenopause...
her cycles were becoming irregular and unpredictable,
she had PMS symptoms (headache, bloating, cramping, fatigue),
and she had begun to spot randomly throughout her cycle.
This past cycle, she took Vitex for the first time, and has just started AF..
right on schedule: 28 days...
no headache, no cramps, no bloating, no irritability, no spotting..
She feels great,
and is now singing the praises of Vitex!
Just thought I'd pass this on,
seeing as she learned about Vitex through me,
and I learned about it through this site... :o)
Posted By: Nance, 36, ttc#1 3yrs, on a ttc break

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