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TIP #3 Is Your Body Screaming for Water?


Our first 9 months of life is spent in water.  

At birth, water comprises three-quarters of our body-weight. Over the first 10 years of life that changes to half our body-weight. 

Why so much water? Because fluids are essential to our life, health and fertilityOur body relies on a fluid-balance for a healthy heart, lungs, kidneys and skin.  

Keep your fluids balanced
Golden Rule for Body Fluid Balance
      Amount In  =  Amount Out           

Fluids carry toxins out of the body and if your body detects a scarcity of fluids, it retains fluid and thus those toxins.  

Are you taking in enough water?  

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Drink Water for Better Health

 When you feel thirsty, guess what?  You are ALREADY dehydrated. 

 Starving your body of water, only  makes it work harder and less  efficiently!

So, grab a glass of water and as you drink it feel GREAT knowing that you are helping your body run efficiently and effectively!  

Drink lots of water and flush for your fertility. 

 Fluids In: 

  • Drinking liquids
  • Eating food
  • Cellular activity 

 Fluids Out

  • Kidneys (urine)
  • Skin (sweat)
  • Intestines (poop)
  • Lungs (exhale) 
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      Books & More:
"In time and with water, everything changes."  Leonardo da Vinci

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Gender Needle Trick

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You are not alone! 

Sometimes, no symptom is a symptom.  

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