Increase health, happiness and hormone balance!
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Exciting news! 

Whether you have a regular cycle or not, I have great news!

For 18 years, our proprietary blend "Herbs for Her" has helped women restore and strengthen hormone balance so they could predict ovulation and increase the likelihood of getting pregnant. 

Over the years, I observed that women with irregular cycles in their 20s had been irregular since puberty. Why wait until you are trying to get pregnant? 

This new "Herbs for Her" blend will be the same high quality with an added ingredient (known as The Fertility Herb) that will soothe ovaries, kidneys and bladder to further normalize your cycle. 

This new blend will have a new look as well. We want to help restore regular menstruation so your body can run efficiently. The new "Herbs for Her" blend will be available soon  ... read more →

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