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Make More Passionate Love and Conceive FASTER!

Has TTC turned lovemaking into stressful babymaking? Understandable, especially if you've been trying for awhile.

Did you know orgasm may very well help you conceive faster? The more intense the orgasm the better!

The more excited he is at ejaculation, the faster the sperm goes and your orgasmic muscle contractions create up-suck, moving sperm closer toward the eggs! Let's turn up the heat and put passion back into lovemaking. Tips to increase intimacy and orgasm ... read more →

can be the same!
"Love is when each person is more concerned for the other than for one's self."  David Frost

Make Sex a Priority
Plan your intimate moments...

Acknowledge Him

The right words stimulate...

Sexual Variety

Experiment with new ways... 

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It has been such a pleasure and honor to help couples trying to conceive since 1998. I have thousands of stories women have written that include early pregnancy symptoms and success using herbs and vitamins to conceive. 

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