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 Tip #9 Mucus is your friend!
Ask the Genie!
Mucus Magic


 Mucus keeps us healthy & fertile! 

BONUS: Fertile mucus is sexually stimulating! Be wary of taking anti-histamines as they will dry mucus. Learn what the color of your mucus means and how to identify fertile mucus so you can take advantage of it!    read more →

Is it fertile mucus if it's
White and Creamy
White and paste-like
Thin and watery
Thick and stretchy
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Mucus is our friend but fertile mucus is sexually exciting!  Mama Kath

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You don't need to be pregnant to do the needle trick! 

Also, check the Ancient Chinese Calculator... 
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 Make your own CM w/ CM Enhancer

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What is it and why you want mucus: 
Mucus is a mixture of water, sugars and proteins and it plays an important part in your health.    read more →

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