Consider these when you want to get pregnant:

EGG LIFE & NUMBERS: Once an egg leaves the ovary (ovulation) it must be fertilized within 24 hours. Females are born with all the eggs they will ever have, approximately 800,000 and only about 400 will be ovulated in their lifetime. Approximately 24 eggs are chosen for maturation each cycle but only one of them ends up being viable for fertilization.  
SPERM LIFE & NUMBERS: Normal semen contains approximately 60 to 100 million sperm per ejaculate with at least 50 percent of that sperm still moving four hours after ejaculation. The use of artificial lubricants should be avoided while trying to conceive. They may be harmful to sperm. Some women swear by using raw egg-white as a lubricant and to make them sperm friendly, although it may pose a risk for infection many women swear by it (egg white testimonials).  
TIMING: Sperm can live up to one week inside the female tract especially if they were protected by fertile cervical mucus (EWCM)
GENDER TIMING: Sperm determines the child's sex. Male sperm swim faster but don't live as long. Female sperm swim slower but live longer. That is why knowing when you ovulate is important. Have you tried the Gender Tests?
FREQUENCY OF SEX: If his sperm is healthy, you can start having sex every other day (allow 24 hours for his supply to replenish) after your period is done. Morning wood (erection) is great for baby making! Sex in the morning gives you sperm that have not been subjected to the heat of the day.
POSITION DURING SEX: The closer ejaculation occurs near the os (opening of cervix) the better (her knees wrapped around his waist)!
POSITION AFTER SEX: Remain prone (lying down) for at least 20 minutes after sex. Some women place a pillow under their hips. If you wait at least 20 minutes, any healthy sperm will have left the vagina and made their way up through the cervix. 
AFTER SEX: Besides increasing vaginal muscle tone, Kegels exercises can be performed several hours after sex to expel any residual sperm in the vagina. Semen can make CM analysis confusing. Kegels are done by contracting and releasing your muscles (the muscles you use to stop urinating).
IDENTICAL TWINS: One sperm cell fertilizes one egg cell and it splits creating two babies with identical DNA.
FRATERNAL TWINS: Two viable egg cells are ovulated and fertilized by two sperm cells.
EMOTIONAL STATE OF MIND: The menstrual cycle is thought to stimulate the hypothalamus (which controls some automatic body functions) which is important considering changes in a woman's environment or emotional state can alter her menstrual cycle, just as fear of not becoming pregnant (or becoming pregnant) can delay menstruation. Stay focused on your passions in life and living each day to the fullest. When the children arrive you may find it more difficult to do these things.
FULL & NEW MOON: It has been suggested that if you do not have any night light while sleeping a women will ovulate during the full moon and menstruate with a new moon.


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