What happens after you Ovulate...


So, that being the case, if we are able to monitor progesterone levels and any indicators of rises in Progesterone level, we know that our basal temperature will rise. 

There are 4 important indicators of high estrogen levels:

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) - The word basal here means the minimal level that is necessary for health or life. Basal Body Temperature means the lowest temperature attained by the body during rest (usually during sleep). It is generally measured immediately after awakening and before any physical activity has been undertaken. The higher levels of estrogen present prior to ovulation lower the BBTs

A rise in temperatures can most commonly be seen the day after ovulation, but this varies and BBTs can only be used to estimate ovulation within a three day range. So, the indicator is  LOWER BBT. More On BBT

More about Progesterone...

Vitex a/k/a Chaste Tree Berry has been known to raise progesterone levels Progesterone is produced by the corpus luteum (corpse of the follicle) after ovulation.  It is responsible for the: 
  • Rise in basal temperature, 
  • Thickening of CM (cervical mucus) 
  • Drop in CP (cervical position) 
  • Softening of endometrium (uterine lining) for implantation.
"The hormone Progesterone is such an important ingredient in the Conception Recipe that a minor drop in it's level can cause miscarriage by triggering the menstrual cycle to begin." Mama Kath

Success w/Prometrium

Just wanted to pass along that I found out
I had a LP (luteal phase) defect after charting
bbt's for 3 cycles. I talked to my ob-gyn
about it. He prescribed Prometrium, 100mg once per day.
I started taking it the night of the day my temp shifted.
I had implantation spotting on dpo 8,9, and 11.
I had a positive hpt 12 dpo. I am now 18 dpo
w/ a strong positive blood PG test.
My ob-gyn says he will keep me on the
Prometrium until 10 weeks past date of conception.
Prometrium is a natural form of progestrone you take orally.
It certainly has worked for me so far.

How do you know if you need prometrium or clomid? 
I have gotten 2 separate opinions. 
My OB says to take prometrium (my progesterone was 
8.2 last month at two different times after ovulation). 
An RE thinks that I need to take clomid. 
My cycles are really long - 38 days last 
month. I could have luteal phase defect - 
I think that's what it's called.

I am also taking baby aspirin once a day. 
Any advice out there?

Any tests I should ask for? 
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Progesterone

I went in for a "talk" 
with my fertility doctor on the 4th. 
I had taken this past month off from Clomid, 
etc. to get my mind in order. 
I didn't even chart! 
I had a faint positive on a urine test 
and a faint positive on a blood serum! 
They made me come back that Friday 
and I had another positive, and it had 
doubled. They still think its low, 
but if I ovulated later, 
like I think I did, it wouldn't be low. 
I had a slightly low progesterone 
the cycle before, so I used 
Progesterone Max 1000mg cream, 
also had used Vitex the first part of the cycle, 
green tea daily, vitamin B6 and prenatal vitamins. 
I think with my progesterone being low, 
but not extremely low (10) the cream helped 
push me up to the level needed. 
I hope this will help someone in a similar situation!


Message for Progesterone page 
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 17:01:22

Hello everyone - 
We have been ttc for 7 months 
with no luck so far. 
Love this site. 
I was diagnosed with a short luteal 
phase after taking 3 months 
of detailed charts into my OB 
- prescribed clomid/crinone, 
but I switched after one month 
to progesterone (prometrium) 
pills (100 mgs 3x day) - 
I thought the cream was gross! 
Although you must remember to take the 
pills, this was a great alternative 
for anyone who finds the cream 
(daily cottage-cheesy discharge) 
less than pleasant!! 

Mon, 4 Oct 1999 20:48:04 -0700 
I want to let all those ttc ladies out there 
know that you can o and still have low progesterone. 
My dr has been telling me that i haven't o'd 
because my progesterone is low. 
When I showed my chart to an RE he said it was a 
great cycle, except my progesterone is too low. 
He prescribed me progesterone suppositories! 
If a dr tells you that you couldn't possibly 
have o'd based just on progesterone, 
find another dr. 
The dr could be wrong and 
you could get pg and miscarry. 

I am on CD 9 and have been using 
Natural Progesterone cream for 4 cycles. 
I read the book What Your Doctor May Not 
Tell You About Pre-menopause by Dr. John Lee 
and it has a lot of good information 
for women between the ages of 25 and 45 
who are trying to conceive.

I am 31 and I have had a shorter and shorter LP 
over the past 5 years and decided to try to 
lengthen it by using the Natural Progesterone. 
My LP is definitely longer, but I'm not PG yet. 
Cycles were up to 33 days long, now 
they are around 28-30 days long. Prior to starting the 
cream, my periods would be light for 3-4 days, 
then heavy. The Progesterone cream hasn't changed 
that at all. My LP was anywhere from 8 -12 days long, 
not long enough!

I use the cream in the a.m. and p.m., 
putting about 1/2 tsp on my face, chest, neck, or inside of 
upper arm. Use it on the day after ovulation until my period starts. 
Am wondering if I need to use more or need to 
continue longer as my period seems to start lightly on day 29 or 30, 
then might stop completely before becoming heavy for 2 days.

Any suggestions out there???

Attack the LPD with:

  • FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her) a proprietary blend of Vitex and Red Raspberrry. This mixture will strengthen the uterine wall and inhibit the release of follicle-stimulating hormone leading to a shift in the estrogen-progesterone ratio thus raising progesterone level (but this can take time);
  • Prog Naturally will also help you raise your Progesterone level the natural way. Prog is a plant-derived (phyto) progesterone.
  • Progesterone cream is a chemical and will automatically raise your progeserone level.
    Momma Kath

  • After my first miscarriage I began to question what was wrong. 
    The doctor assured me that it wasn't my fault, 
    or anything that I did. But I continued to have 
    a nagging suspicion over the next few months.

    Fortunately I have months of BBT charts to rely on. 
    THERE IT WAS, or rather wasn't, 
    a noticeable temperature rise! Even at 6 weeks. I had 
    my progesterone level checked -- 2.1 at 5 dpo, 
    should have been at least 10-12. 
    The nurse told me disappointedly 
    that I couldn't be pregnant, 
    but she was wrong! 
    After a positive weak blood serum test, 
    I lost my second pg.

    I have since seen a new dr who I blew away with evidence 
    and insistence, and am now going to try Crinone 
    (8% prescription vaginal supplement). 
    Finally I feel like I have a powerful tool and some 
    control of my life.

    If I can help motivate anyone else to take charge 
    it will be worth the pain and loss.

    Be strong!


    Posted By: Jill ttc#2, m/c #1 
    Friday, 24 September 1999, at 7:47 p.m. 
    I bought the Progesterone 900 
    (which has both natural progesterone and wild yam) 
    I got a response telling me to return that. 
    My problem is that when I went to return it at GNC, 
    that was the only brand they had! 
    I live in a small rural area, 
    do other GNC's sell other brands? 
    If so, what brand SHOULD I take? 
    I ovulated 2 days ago, so I want to try it immediately. 
    Any info appreciated! 

    I like the new progesterone site. 
    I have been debating trying out the cream, 
    I lost a baby in the first trimester this year, and am ttc.

    So, after hearing that wild yam was not good, 
    I was a little confused, 
    because all of the natural progesterone creams 
    I had seen has had that as an ingredient. 
    But, I got a post from someone telling me 
    that Momma Kath conceived on progesterone 900. 
    So, I am using that now, I believe I conceived 2 or 3 days ago. 
    Can you use it anywhere, or do you apply it somewhere specific? 
    When should I discontinue- when I get af? 
    When I get a positive pregnancy test, to start suppositories?

    Any more info would be great!


    Jill, I was not the one who conceived using progesterone 900. 

    I actually don't believe the creams are effective, but Elizabeth and others claim they helped.

    I am taking a prescription Progesterone which mimics exactly the composition of human progesterone.

    As for when to use it - Definitely wait until AFTER your temp rise. Stop using it if you test -hpt @ 14 dpo so your body knows it can let go. Your body needs to have a drop in the progesterone level for AF to arrive.

    Sorry I couldn't help more.

    Momma Kath

    I have been on clomid and crinone
    for three cycles. After what appears
    to be a successful IUI (3 positve HPT's),
    I am to continue with the crinone
    until I am twelve weeks along.

    I started it four days after the positive OPK.

    The only problem I have had with it, is the price,
    my insurance does not cover it

    and it is very expensive.

    Good Luck to everyone!!!!

    Nicole C

    I have heard multiple things on this-

    so excuse me if this is a silly question...

    I think I have a short luteal phase-
    does Progesterone lengthen it?
    If I did conceive in the last two months,

    I would have lost it because of my 9 day LP.

    I'm wondering if I took a Prog supplement
    would my cycles be extended so I could

    'hold on' to a PG if it were to happen?



    Hi Jenny

    Not a stupid question at all.
    In my opinion, a short luteal phase
    may be lengthened by progesterone
    you may want to extend your luteal phase
    using other methods such as

    B6 vitamins and red raspberry.

    Progesterone is used to supplement
    what you are producing to ensure implantation
    and most importantly when you are pregnant,
    to stop any signals to menstruate

    which occur when the progesterone levels drop (even a little).

    I hope that helps!

    Momma Kath

    I am very curious about prgesterone level
    and what is a normal level?
    I have had two test done and the first one my
    levels were 9.9 and the second test
    my levels were 11.
    Is the 11 level normal for conception?
    Please help me understand!!


    Hi Tracy

    Progesterone is produced by the cells
    left behind in the corpus luteum
    after ovulation.
    The corpus luteum refers to the

    structure or corpse of the egg.

    It is common to ovulate more than one egg
    during a cycle so the more eggs ovulated
    the more corpus luteums you will have

    and the higher your progesterone level.

    A healthy early pregnancy has a

    progesterone level of 10-20.

    I hope this helps!
    Lots of love and eggly thoughts :o}

    Momma Kath

    I started vitex last cycle for the first time and it moved my ovulation date up 10 days! 
    I normally ovulated on day 25 but it happened on day 14 this cycle, so I am a believer! 
    Thank you! 

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