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Hello Mama Kath, my name is Amy I've been a fan of your Needle Trick since I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and with your Needle Trick I found out that I had miscarried what was my son before her, so for the closure I received from that I thank you very much for discovering this method. For me it has been 100% accurate to the T! I have had (Boy, Girl, Girl,Boy,Boy,Girl, Boy)I am to have 7 pregnancies, I recently found out I'm pregnant with baby #7, I did the test a couple times and the needle says boy stops briefly (just a second or two) and says not right away again the pause is too brief to be considered an additional pregnancy does this mean twins? Please email me back I'd love some input on it.  Thank you so much again. -Amy  I wrote Amy back and told her I would interpret that as twins. MamaKath  

Hello, I have been doing the needle trick for about 15 yrs, but the way I learned and it always works is backwards from yours. I hold the needle over the inside wrist, and I stop each reading and it starts the next one, and the circles are Boys and the swaying side to side is girl, I tried your way and got the same reading as my wrist but circles are boys, side to side are girls. Also I read and tried many yrs ago to hold the needle over your pregnant belly to see what the sex would be. I have had 4 pregnancies, my Mom 6 and the needle reads right every time and on other family members. Vicki

Mama Kath - I wrote to you several years ago, when my oldest child was very little. He is now 13. I had done the needle trick, and it said that I would have a boy, a boy, and then, boy/girl twins. I always felt like a nut for having any hope in that. I really don't think I believe in that, or at least, I am trying not to! However, so far, I have a boy, another boy, and now I am pregnant with twins!!!!! Of course, I don't know what sex they are, I am only 7 weeks! But, I can't help but to believe with all of my heart that I am having boy/girl twins! I am a bit scared, as I have a subchorionic hemorrhage, but I am staying inbed, and not picking up my two year old. They have great heartbeats, 111, and 109. I pray that they both make it. Oh, I also did the wedding ring over my tummy, and it also said boy/girl! And no-one can understand really, why I am so sure they are a boy and a girl! I can't explain it either! Thanks once again for being here for us all! Don't know how I would make it through anything without this board sometimes! Hope you read this!

Everytime iv done this in my life it says 2 boys and 3 girls. I have both my boys. When the circling occurs, the first one always goes counter clockwise and the second and third circling goes clockwise. Sherrie

Hi Sherrie, thank you for sharing that info...I have never heard that one so please send me another email once you know the outcome! Love, Momma Kath

I did the needle predictor since my first son and since 6 years ago it has also said 3 boys. But now that I'm pregnant with my 3rd its saying 2 boys, a girl, then boy girl twins so now I'm a little confused. I have the two boys and this one is supposed to be a girl. But y the change.... and I really don't want 5 kids lmao

Hello , My name is Sherrie and I stumbled across this site and thought it would be cool to try after reading some of the posts. I have two kids and I am expecting one on the way that I do not know the sex of until may 2nd which is a week away. However I tried this out anyway just to see what it would say. It has been correct so far!!!! Freaky lol It said my first two were boys and its right I have two beautiful boys. For the third it is saying a girl! I am hoping its correct because I would love to have a daughter. I will keep you posted once I find out may 2nd. Fingers crossed.

I must have done the needle and thread thng everynight..I got few circles..and I have 2 girls already..then I had many straight lines (meaning boy) ..Lots of straight lines..I already have 1 boy ..this is my 4th pregnancy.. Well, the straight lines kept on going straight and would not stop..just kept going straight back and forth strong. I learned today on the sonogram that we are have another BOY!!!.. I knew those straight lines meant boy..even a pendulum over my palm kept straight lines..Yes, It's a Boy I have 2 girls and 2 boys...all done!!! thankyou. RTW

I did the needle test and it says 7 kids. I already have 6 and ttc with number 7. Three girls and three boys are correct. Number 7 should be a girl. I hope this works!!

Hello! I have also heard about the needle and thread trick, mine says Boy (true) Boy (true) and Girl, I'm expecting my third child right now and I really hope it's a girl! I will come back and post the results. *Alex*

The needle was correct for all of my pregnancies. Three boys and a girl! I did the needle test on my best friend a month ago and it said BOY. Well, low and behold her son was born three weeks ago today! It was correct for her first daughter as well. I believe it is very accurate -- in my experience with it!

Ok the needle thing is cool but a little was right about my first to then it said my 3 pregnancy was a boy..but this time its saying both now I haven't had an ultrasound yet cause I'm not very far along but I have a very strong feeling it is twins_I really don't know how I feel about that but after the twins(boy and girl) it stopped moving witch I can only chalk up to the fact that after this I am having my tubes ties .thanks and keep your fingers crossed I think twins may be a good thing. i already think of my belly as the babies anyway haha. Amanda B

My mother taught me this although I do not turn my palm over and I rub it on the side of my hand on my pinky side then hold it above my where my hand meets my wedding finger and I rub it on the side of my hand in between each prediction. Mine have always been true, I read in a previous experience that they could feel like a magnetic field pulling inside the hand and this is totally normal this is when you know it's working, the prediction works from our energy and we do it on the left side because this is the side of our heart so this is why we feel the energy from the left side... If you have a partner you can even try this on them. Renee

Fun and remarkably accurate! 


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