Mama Kath's Pregnant* Truths
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*Pregnant (adj) - rich in significance or implication // a pregnant pauseā€© 

A Trilogy of Truths by Mama Kath

The first book “TTC Tips” (complimentary with first TTC Store order) was packed with tips and tools to help you succeed and enjoy your TTC journey. “Pregnant Truths” has the TTC Tips’ content PLUS a compilation of information posted on the website by the millions of women who were sharing and caring about each other enough to post their experiences.

During the first 12 years, the website had dozens of discussion boards which afforded women the luxury of spending time reading and posting their experiences, connecting with local TTC’ers and making friends with women from tiny islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans to women living in the same town. A young woman in Australia told me she lives in a very remote area and if it were not for she would never have met her new best friend.

I received a heartwarming message; while still in the hospital after giving birth, a TTC’er instructed her husband to go home and send me an email with picture of their baby and to thank me for all the help I gave his wife. Women I’ve helped are now reaching out to me for their daughters who are experiencing menstrual irregularities.

Launch date in paperback and eBook very soon!

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