Afraid to look?  Knowledge is Power! 

The 2WW (two week wait) after ovulation and before testing for pregnancy can seem like years...
what to look for to see if you are pregnant and what happens if you are not pregnant.

If I am pregnant...what happens?

If I am pregnant my basal temp goes through 3 phases of higher temperatures (triphasic).
If I am not pregnant my basal temp will drop (rather than rise) after ovulation.

If you are pregnant your Basal Temp Rises 3 times:  

(CD1 or Cycle Day 1 is the first day you see red)
1st rise immediately after ovulation CD12 
2nd rise as progesterone level rises to prepare for implantation CD15
3rd rise after implantation CD22
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If I am not pregnant, my body detects a lack of progesterone. 

If your progesterone level is not rising your body knows to start the process of harvesting eggs for the next cycle. 

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Look to the future! 

When your period is about to start, you are already cultivating the eggs for your next ovulation! 


 Ways to plan your baby's gender!

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