I'm pregnant!

I'm Pregnant! 

A Clomid Success story
13 March - Okay, well I am 22, and DH is 24. We have been trying for 20 months! Yikes. Anyways, I had a cyst for the first few months, so didn't even have AF. Went on the [birth control] pill to get rid of the cyst and it went away within one month. Then, we tried, but I noticed I had a short lp (9 days) and temps were always at a plateau, always staying the same temps, and they were low after O. I didn't know much about ttc at this early point, though. Then I started getting really, REALLY bad AFs, and went back on the pill. I started taking Vitamin b6 and that made my lp (luteal phase) 11 days. The dr said that was better, but still not good. Anyways I eventually found out that I had low progesterone (8.5 on 7 dpo). day 3 blood test, Dh's SA, and trans-vaginal u/s were all fine. This was my first month on Clomid for low progesterone. I've always O'ed late and on my own.

This month I took 50 mgs of Clomid days 5-9. 

Here are symptoms:

  • 2 dpo (days past ovulation)- crampy 
  • 3 dpo- crampy ( I thought this was due to Clomid) 
  • 4 dpo- VERy, VERY crampy!! (also throughout this whole cycle I've been moody and not in the mood for sex.) 
  • 5 dpo-9 dpo cramping on and off also at 7 dpo- had a dream that I was folding boy onesies- an endless pile of them, and they all said "jesus" on them (i am a born again Christian) 
  • 10 dpo- went snow tubing and some guy said something to me kinda in a mean tone and I just started crying!! I never do that!!REALLY tired, going to bed a few hours earlier than normal!! (that has been continuing) 
  • 11 dpo- I had this weird, overwhelming peace come over me! I just completely trusted Jesus to help me get pg!!! I had an aversion to chocolate and sweets, which was WEIRD because I LOOOOOOOOOVE junk food!!! I also had a craving for American cheese and health food. 
  • 12 dpo-had a lower backache and thought AF was coming, because I always get a lower backache before AF. However, this backache was not like I normally get! Instead of only being in one spot, it was all around my lower back. VERY gassy (sorry, but it was so true!) I REALLY thought AF was coming, so I told DH to stop at a store and we'll get a HPT. I just wanted to know for sure that I wasn't pg if I wasn't, so that I could concentrate on the next cycle. To my surprise, the test was +++ in 1 minute! Also, bbs started to be sore. That never happens to me before AF. It usually happens after O until AF. 
  • 13 dpo- today! 
Had another +++ (positive pregnancy) test and I have to go pee A LOT!  

ARIANE 13 dpo   BBT 98.6   50 mgs clomid days 5-9 2 +++tests


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