X-ray study while dye is injected into the uterine cavity to check
the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Posted By: Michelle Hi just wanted to let you all know my HSG results...everything is open and clear! Thank the Lord! Whatever was on my right tube is gone and the left tube had some mucus or something that the dye pushed out. It took longer to go through so we are assuming that is why. The procedure for me was very painful. I felt the catheter go in and I also felt the dye. Lots of pressure and a heavy feeling. Also lots of cramping during the test which took about 5 min. And after but only lasting about 15 min after the test was done. I spotted for about 3 hrs after and that was it. I have to say it was worth all the pain for the peace of mind I now have knowing my tubes are totally open and clear. Oh, by the way I had NO idea the tubes were that LONG! This month I'm standing on my head after bding. And I'm not kidding either. Got to help those little guys out! They have a long way to go. We are to have timed intercourse for the next 3 months. Every other day from cd 11 to cd 21 and if not pg then its on to clomid. So this is the month I am going to conceive I have decided. Now I must go order some hpt's from Momma Kath. If anyone is having an HSG any time soon I would be happy to go into more detail if they want me to. LOL of all of you! Michelle TTC #1 cycle 16 cd 8 possible m/c

I had an HSG a bit ago.
is like bad cramps and goes away in a couple of days max...
I am starting my first dose of Clomid in the next few days
wish me luck and good luck to all of you.

Hysterosalpingogram(HSG) -- my experience


First I want to say thanks for the information on your website; it is very helpful.

If you would allow me a moment, I would like to make a comment about Hysterosalpingogram(HSG). I had one of these tests recently. I hope that my experience is not the norm because it was very painful and the side effects lasted for 8 days.

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for the last 8 years. I've tried a variety of natural methods over the years, but finally decided to go see a regular doctor. He iniciated a series of test, the Hysterosalpingogram(HSG) being the last of them.

My OB-Gyn is a very nice and caring man, but I don't think that I would say the same for his female assistant the day of the procedure. She made it sound like women who experienced pain during the test were exaggerating and given to hysterics -- after all, "it's only pressure" that you feel right? The test lasted longer than necessary because one of the tubes that was placed up my tube to inject the dye had a block itself, and had to be removed and replaced. (The brilliant assistant didn't have any in the room with her and had the gall to ask the doctor if a replacement needed to be sterile. I ended up having to wait nearly ten minutes with all that metal stuck inside me for the assistant to come back.) Then the test really began.

Sure, I felt pressure -- excruciatingly painful pressure. It felt like something was trying to push out of my lower abdominal area, and the procedure seemed to last an eternity. I didn't scream although I was sorely tempted to do so. At one point I asked the doctor if he could please stop because I didn't think I could handle the pain. He very kindly told me that we were almost done. About three minutes later, he took what felt like "the kitchen sink" (all the metal paraphenalia) out of me. I had to lay there on the examining table for a few minutes before I could sit up. Somehow I managed to get to the bathroom and changing room without fainting. The pain eased somewhat, but then the bleeding started. For the next eight days I had the second worst period of my life with cramping and heavy bleeding.

Perhaps I am one of those hysterical women that the doctor's assistant spoke so derisively about before the procedure. All I know is that the Hysterosalpingogram(HSG) was the most painful experience I've ever gone through in my life up to this point -- I've broken bones and had bad periods, but nothing compared to that procedure. Maybe a person's experience is dependant on some physiological factor inside their bodies; which is why the procedure isn't as painful for some people -- although I'm sure everyone feels a certain level of humiliation.

It could be that my perspective of pain is different because I haven't yet been blessed with a child and gone through childbirth. Though this I will tell you -- if at any point over the last 8 years that I've been trying to get pregnant I didn't take it seriously, this test served to ingrain the seriousness of the prospect of having a child into my mind.

Thank you for allowing me the time to voice my experience. I hope that it may be helpful to someone else -- though I pray that no one else ever has to go through what I went through.



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