Ways to Plan for Baby's Gender

Astrology: Ancient Chinese Gender Lunar Calendar 

The Shettles method has to do with the timing intercourse. Male sperm is faster but doesn't live as long as the slower female sperm. For a boy, have intercourse 2 days or less before ovulation and the slow female sperm won't make it in time. 

Needle Trick: Let it tell you how many children you will mother, the gender and whether they are twins or more.

Orgasm timing determines gender: According to the Talmud (book of Jewish law) if the woman has an orgasm BEFORE the man, it will be a boy.

Let's talk about orgasm and what happens!   

Suction is created from the contractions in the uterus during orgasm. This suction draws semen closer to the cervix and uterus. Also, during orgasm a hormone is released that intensifies the muscle contractions, thus creating even more suction, drawing the sperm up through cervix, through uterus and through the tubes to reach the egg.

Whether you want a girl or boy, or both, enjoy every minute! 


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