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My husband (45) and I have been trying to conceive our first child together for a year now and losing hope every month. I came across this site and then did my research on the use of egg white. They actually have used egg whites to keep sperm alive in clinics!! 

I went out and got my cage free- organic eggs and followed the instructions exactly. Ladies, don't tell your husbands if they freak out easily. I did not tell my husband. He asked what it was and I said, "something sorta like the pre-seed that we've been using but it's supposed to be better" He just said okay and proceeded. If he would have known, it would have messed with his head. Lol. Anyway, I used the egg white everyday during my 4 day fertile window accompanied with a soft disk menstrual cup. The day of my missed period we received our first positive test!!! Even better, I was able to give him a digital hpt all wrapped up for his birthday. 

It was the best thing ever. Thank you to God and the woman who made this discovery and site.  Tamela


Thank you soooooo much momma kath. I'm finally pregnant, after six years of trying so many things. I saw your video on youtube last month and when I told my husband he just looked at me like if I was crazy. He agreed to do it and guess what I'm 5 weeks pregnant. We are so happy, thanks to you!!!!!!!!

I did it ! OMG ! it WORKS ! obviously with the huge help of GOD !

We ve been trying for almost 5 yrs with no luck !
I did EVERYTHING but inVItro .I asked god for help ,I was so depressed because I felt like nothing worked .God put a website on my way (about EGG WHITES)I tried it on my fertile days last January and I just found out today that Im prego! Im so happy that I wanted to share this with all the women out there who are wanting a baby so bad .


Hello! Ladies,
I was also directed to this site when I looked up Clomid. My dh and I have been trying for 16 months with no luck. I am 33 going on 34 and he's about to be 40. We went to the fertility clinic for now, the last six moths. NO results, I tested fine and so did his sperm. I did a costly HSG, no blockage, and Clomid too. Well I saw the egg white section and thought what the Hey! Well my fertile days were March 17, 18, 19, 20. We used egg whites on CD #15 and #16 the day that I got a positive OPK. Well today is April 1st and I feel AF is on the way and I did HPT on March 30,31, and today April 1st they were all negative. I followed the instructions on the site and no infection either. I've been taking prenatal vitamins and half and aspirin. I feel like I've done just about everything. I guess we will try the egg whites again next month. This is very emotional and I'm trying to maintain.
Great information by the way. I'm learning from the experiences of these women. Hopefully one day I'll return with my own success story.

Hi Ashford,
Not sure if you are aware of this but, even though the FertilEDGE Herbs for Her packages are powerful by themselves, when you commit to a regime, you also get me as your best friend…helping you track the cycle.
I’ve dedicated the past 11 years to helping couples conceive. I'm here for you!
Love, Momma Kath

First of all i thank you very much all of you. i have been trying to conceive for 16 month with no luck the month i have found out this web i use some ideas from from the lades guess what missed my period HPT postive. the only thing i have done taking 81mg baby asprin from the first day of my period untill cd25 on cd13 i use egg white as instructed in your web sight only once and pray. good luck for those who are trying it will happen

I can not believe this worked! My dh and I have been ttc for 14 months. I am 31, he is 37. He already has 4 children with his ex-wives, so I knew he was okay. I had an HSG in December, and had bilateral spillage, so that was ok. Hormone levels were great and numerous internal and external ultrasounds showed no issues. I tried the herbs/vitamins, raspberry tea leaves, red clover tea, marshmallow root, baby aspririn, and accupuncture. Nothing. I started having issues with my bladder which doctors believe to be intersitial cystitis. Knowing that gets progressively worse, I REALLY wanted to have a baby before it got worse. I came across your website and said, what the heck! DH laughed at first and said "If this works, we are calling him chicken." I am ecstatic to say that I am four weeks along with Chicken!
Thank you for starting this website!
Mother Hen

My husband and I decided to try for baby number four in June. Of course, beforehand, I was searching the net to see what I could find on getting pregnant quickly. I am 36 and was worried after reading so many negative things about how much harder it was to get pregnant in your mid 30s. I somehow stumbled across this site regarding the eggwhites. Hubby and I had already been having intercourse during my cycle, but after reading your site, I decided to try the egg whites since I just wasn't seeing the clear, stretchy cervical mucus (and according to an ovulation calculator, I was ovulating that night). So, I grabbed an egg out of the fridge and set the egg white aside for about an hour in a small, plastic measuring cup. When I told hubby what I had planned to do, he was cracking jokes and saying "no way are we doing this." ha! Oh yes we did! I made him pour it in just using the measuring cup as we both joked and laughed.

I cannot recall how much time had passed, but it was pretty close for my menses to be due. I remember sitting on my porch, depressed, wondering why I had three negative pregnancy tests. Of course that made me jump up and try another one. I took the test, sat it in the window sill, and actually walked off (because I assumed it was negative like the rest). I folded a load of laundry and thought about the test. I went into the bathroom and looked once and actually did a "double take!!" I saw a faint line making a cross and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I looked closer and was just shocked! It was positive!! I took another test that evening and it was also positive with a faint blue line. I then took another one with my first morning urine and saw a much darker blue line! I got pregnant on our first try!! I was sooo happy!

However, for some reason, it felt too good to be true, so I held back from telling my hubby. I can't explain it, but I was scared and excited at the same time. I had to tell someone so I called my niece who had just had her second baby. She was so excited and couldn't understand why I hadn't called my hubby and told him already. I told her it was because I was scared to tell him and then have something happen (I also read how women in their mid 30s tend to miscarry more often). She said I was being silly and that everything would be fine. Well, everything was not fine. At my first sonogram, the doctor looked a little concerned, but didn't say anything negative. I only recall him saying "see this halo, that's reassuring." I thought about it later and was thinking, why did he say it like that - "that's reassuring." At any rate, he said I must have been pretty early and scheduled me to come back in two weeks (he said the baby was measuring around 5 weeks). So, I went back and he performed anothe r sonogram. I sat there waiting and waiting for him to say something or show me something and finally he did. He spun the screen toward me and said, "I'm sorry, but this pregnancy is not viable." All of a sudden my heart was in my throat and my face began to burn. I screamed for my husband (who was in the waiting room with my two sons, 5 and 11). My baby had passed at 7 weeks 4 days and no reason was given - "it just happens."

Needless to say my heart was broken. The whole ordeal has changed me greatly. I had three previous pregnancies resulting in three beautiful children. I guess I just assumed it was that easy - you get pregnant and have a baby. I certainly know better now. It was such a foreign experience for me, but one I will never forget - it has definitely left its mark.

I never thought we would ever try for another after that, but later changed my mind. I am on my third cycle of TTC (that's the only "lingo" I know ;), and yes, we used the egg whites again - twice as a matter of fact. I'm using them again tonight even though it weirds my husband out... hehe I have now used egg whites three times total and have never gotten a single infection. I simply wash myself carefully the next morning and I don't even get so much as an itch. Tonight will be the fourth time usng egg whites and I am hoping for a positive test sooooon!!! I am nearing 37 (in December) and I don't have any time to waste. I wish I had tried the egg whites again on the first cycle, but for some reason I don't think I really believed it was the egg whites that helped the first time, but thinking back, it must be (I'm still not getting the good stretchy mucus). If I become pregnant this month, I will let you all know (and I will also know for sure that it was the egg whites).
Wish you all the best!
~Aunt Charlotte~

After extensive fertility testing, I was diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" after trying from age barely-36 to age 38 1/2 with no success. A post coital test showed that though I had EWCM, hubby's sperm wasn't surviving in it. I gave up believing I'd ever have another baby, only to somehow manage to conceive, giving birth to a beautiful boy at age 42. Wanting him to have a close-in-age sibling (his brothers are all much older), I began TTC right away, with no success. I had another bad post coital test...immobile/ dead sperm. I did a round of IUI with Clomid the day after I got a +OPK, no success. I was so humiliated by the doctor's old egg lecture, I didn't try another.
I tried douching with a baking soda solution beforehand (in case the dead sperm were due to an overly acidic environment), gulping Robitussin, popping EPO, everything I could think of. Still no success.
A few months ago, I read up on using raw egg white and tried with an organic egg and a turkey baster on the day I got a +OPK. I did my best to get it where it needed to be (it was messy), and then even put in a bit more the next morning, in case the swimmers needed something more to swim in...go figure.

Two weeks later, I got a BFP! The eggwhites were the only thing I'd done differently. Sadly, I lost the baby at 8 weeks (I was nearly 46, so I guess that's to be expected.). But the point is, I conceived after years and years of nothing else working and no explanation as to what was going wrong. There is hope for women with CM issues, especially when nothing else can be found to be amiss. I know there is a risk of infection, but I thought that possibly conceiving would be worth it. I just wish I'd heard of this sooner, maybe I wouldn't have gone through the pain and frustration of inferility and would have a couple babies by now.
Just wanted to share...

PREGNANT on the 1st try using an Eggwhite!!
I came across your website on March 26th which just happened to be my prime ovulation day (Day 14). I had positive ovulation tests on March 23, 24, 25, 26. So, after work, my husband and I went to the store, bought some pasteurized eggs, and got busy. We only used one eggwhite on that one day March 26th (turkey baster to input-it was all we had-but a syringe is better if you have one). On March 30th I had a terrible lower backache that I thought may be signs of implantation, so I started taking pregnancy tests daily on April 3rd, 4th, and on April 5th we got a positive PREGNANT. We are so very excited.
This is exactly what we did on Eggwhite Night: I used one eggwhite. I made sure to beat the eggwhite to make the entire eggwhite runny, put a towel underneath me, lay on my back on the bed, used the turkey baster to insert eggwhite into my vagina as far as I felt comfortable (3-4 inches), then slowly squeezed the ball on the turkey baster to insert the whites, immediately had intercourse on my back, and never got up from the bed the rest of the night, didn't want to lose any sperm or eggwhites.

My opinion of the eggwhites "They Work"! It's worth a try anyway. I did worry, am I going to get some terrible infection from the eggwhites or a yeast infection, but nothing happened, and I did not experience any side effects at all from using the eggwhites. You start trying some crazy things to get pregnant when nothing is working (standing on your head, eggwhites, etc.) I wish I had known about the eggwhites 3 years ago when we started trying. Better late than never.
I finally read somewhere that using just regular sticky vaginal lubricants inhibits the sperms movement, so we think that was one reason why we were not getting pregnant because we didn't know not to use the over-the-counter lubricants. Thank you for posting the eggwhites website because I think this is what helped us.
Thank you.

I remember reading about egg whites from this site
when I was trying to get pregnant.
I had had a miscarriage 3 months prior to then
and needed a lubricant that would help me conceive.
Well, I am thrilled beyond words to write to you now
as the mom of a healthy baby girl
who was conceived with me using egg whites.

DH and I have been ttc for 8 months (I'm 36, he's 31).
After our first attempt using egg whites we are now
happily 6 weeks pg!
We can't believe it and wish we'd tried it ages ago.
No infection and a great big +++++!
What a bonus as we were just about to visit
our GP and ask for tests.

DH and I have been TTC for almost 1 year,
and were told the only way we can get pg was
by doing IUI with clomid due to DH thick viscosity.
Well, in October, my Dr. upped my clomid dosage to 150mgs,
and we also used egg whites the day before "O"
and the day of "O" and I got my BFP on Nov 1st !!!
I truely believe the clomid and egg whites worked !!!
No infection either.
EDD July 14th

Eggwhite Success
I was on the first cycle of clomid and Robitussin
and noticed that I had very little EWCM.
My DH and I tried the egg white trick and it really worked.
1 tsp lasted 2 days!!
I am happy to say that I am now 6 weeks pregnant!
Thanks for the info!

Dh and I used eggwhite,
inserted with baby medicine droplet type thing (looks like a small, small turkey baster)...
used cage free organic eggs. I went to the doctor about week 1/2 afterwards,
I had a urinary tract infection and yeast infection afterwards.
We did not get pregnant. This happened before when I used eggwhites.
(I followed all instructions properly)

Dear Momma Kath,
I recently sent you an Email Mama Kath to say that we have been TTC #3 for over a year
and I am pleased to say that we are now pregnant.
We used egg whites only once (according to instructions on this page of the TTC website) and I also took an Alfalfa supplement last month which I hadn't done before.
I want to say thank you for your informative website that helped us to weigh the risks and benefits of some alternative therapies.
I have laughed and cried at many of the testimonies on your website and it has helped me through the difficult roller-coaster ride of TTC.
I am very thankful to God for the great advice and support, and prayers I have received from my husband, friends and church family throughout this time and it has reinforced to me how all things are very much under his control and not our own.
In gratitude,

Egg White Success

Wow! we cannot believe our eyes! I'm Pregnant. After seventeen months of ttc and 17 months of disappointments. We did it! DH and i saw two lines on two hpt this morning. We also saw the digital read out. Our first child! All it took was 30 seconds and our lives were changed forever! Here's our story: I'm 20 and Dh is 24. We got married two years ago in March of 2003. In the beginning we would freak out whenever my cycle was delayed. Then 5 months later we decided to try and have a baby. Piece of cake, Right? OH NO! Who knew gettting pg would be so hard. After 13 months of ttc we sought out medical help. DH's test came out fine. Doctors found out that I wasn't ovulating. I didn't understand why because we were both healthy and young. Anyway my obgyn put me on Clomid. First on 50mg, which didn't work, then 100 mg and i did ovulate but no baby. I was getting frusturated and said I am going to do all I can to get pregnant this month because if not I was going to give up for a couple of months. I came across thi s website 9 months ago but was skeptical so I just ignored it. Last month, I thought why not? I had nothing to lose. DH wasn't too happy about it because it did freak him out but he was willing to do anything too. EGG WHITES! Amazing. Who would of thought. I knew about the infection but decided to risk it. No infection, ladies. I did it on day 13, 14, and 16 with my hips propped up on a pillow all night...not the most comfortable position. I don't know if it was definitley the egg whites because I did so many things this last month. I started exercising, which my sis-in-law swears is what got her pg after ttc for 2 years, 5 days a week for about 45 min. Nothing heavy just walking and some light weights. I also took prenatal vitamins everyday and of course I was on Clomid. Also I know some people are not religious but that's what I also did. No matter what religion you are you should never give up faith. Turn yourself to God and see what happens. Whatever method you use, ladies, DON"T give up. I know it's an e motional wreck or a bumpy ride but it's worth it in the end. Thank you to everyone for their time and input! Good Luck to All!

Hi Momma Kath I just wanted to let you know that DH and I conceived this month. The only thing I did differently was use the egg white method on your web site and take a baby aspirin. Thanks for your support and encouragement. It helped so much and your website is an amazing supprt system for us women.

Dear Momma Kath & all women TTC,
This past Saturday I found out I was pregnant after DH and I had been TTC for 1 full year. I wanted to share my story because I have been reading everyone's story on your site for this whole past year.
Every 2ww has been filled with imaginary symptoms, high hopes and then BFN's. I am sure I have driven DH crazy with my calendars, OPK's, HPT's and he has been the best man ever through the whole thing. We tried the egg whites, the making sure I O'ed after him, putting my knees up for 30 minutes after DTD and everything else that I could find that might help and always a BFN.

I gave up last month. I decided it just wasn't going to happen (probably because my eggs are old - I'm 37 and DH is 38) unless we went for fertility testing and treatment. I lived my life this past month - the only thing I charted was my possible ovulation window - no OPK's no checking my CM - nothing. I went and met my girlfriends and didn't talk about getting PG. My husband and I DTD whenever and where ever we wanted and low and behold I got a BFP on Saturday!
Here is my symptom: NONE

Not a one. I didn't think it was possible after all this time. I never knew I could become PG and have NO symptoms until I missed my period. So for all of you women out there who are TTC I hope my story helps in some marginal way. Relax and it IS possible for nature to take its course. It is not easy to just give up but it worked for us. Oh, and by the way - it turns out that the day we got pregnant was when we DTD in our swimming pool. What are the chances huh? It goes against everything I've read! It was a great afternoon. Thanks to all the women (and Momma Kath for providing this board) who I've read their stories for comfort during this past year. You'll never know how much you all helped me when I felt alone.
:-) S.J. California

I found your website last month and used egg whites as lubricants while TTC. I am very happy to report that I got a BFP for the very first time in my life in that way. :) But we used egg-whites as a lubricant on the outside only. All the same, I think egg whites played an important role in our BFP. Sadly that pregnancy was a chemical. But this cycle also we are using egg-whites and hopefully I will get my BFP again and this time it will be a sticky bean.
Thanks for the wonderful info in your website.

My first day of my last menstrual period was
Using an ovulation calculator with 28 days as my typical length between cycles, my ovulation dates were "supposed" to be 10/04/08 thru 10/07/08. (which is questionable because I got my first period after my miscarriage on July 29, the next was August 25, and my last on September 23. I went by the last two periods and got 27 days and the other 29 days apart) .

On October 3rd, I was tired of seeing negative results and getting my period, so I told my hubby I didn't care how much he hated the egg white thing, we were using it!!!! He reluctantly agreed. We had unprotected intercourse with egg whites this night, as well as on 10/05. Also on 10/03, I noted my cervix felt "weird." It kind of had a soft, flat feeling to it with a bulge on one side. I had a crampy sensation once for a few minutes before intercourse that day, and a minute amount of stretchy mucus (and I mean, very minute!). We did not have intercourse on the 4th, which was supposed to be a fertile day, but did have it every other day after that.

By 10/07 or so, I noticed my left nipple was super tender (now on 10/14, they are way more tender!). I don't typically get tender breasts before my menses.

On 10/09, I went to bed that evening with a lot of cramping and I really thought my period was going to come on super early. I woke up 10/10 feeling the same, but it kind of wore off by the afternoon. Just because I could...hehe, I checked a pregnancy test, which was negative. I began feeling full in my abdomen, bloated I guess, and over the following weekend, for some strange reason, I ate like a pig! I usually eat maybe twice a day starting in the late afternoon, but this weekend I just couldn't get satisfied. By Monday, though, I was back to my regular eating habits.

Today, 10/14, I purchased a generic early HPT, along with some Monistat (yep, I got a yeast infection, which goes along with early pregnancy for me). It was still negative after 10 minutes, but instead of chucking it like I normally would, I left it on my desk. An hour later I looked at it (again, just because I could), and it was positive. I don't feel it could be an evaporation line, because there is no way that urine dried up that fast and the line is an obvious blue color (quite obvious). It's not a little blue or a faded blue, but blue. This was with my morning urine that sat out for two hours before I took the test (I urinated in a cup at 8:00 a.m., took my son to school, stopped by the store, and used the saved urine at 9:55 a.m.).

I "think" this could be a "real" positive test given the info above. I'm probably just getting my hopes up, it's a fun game I like to play each month..hehe, but I'm not kidding here when I say, IF I AM, it was DEFINITELY the real egg whites!!!!!

I'll be testing again in the morning, or tonight, or even in the next few minutes depending on that little voice in my head that keeps repeating..."pee on a stick - pee on a stick!" haha

P.S - No, the yeast infection was in no way caused by the egg whites. I haven't even used the egg whites since 10/07. Just thought I would clear that up ;)

Thanks for listening to my jibber-jabber!
~Aunt Charlotte~

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