mimic cervical mucus

Do you see cervical mucus like this? If not, you've come to the right place!

Why use Egg Whites for
Trying To Conceive?

Egg whites can provide a mucus-like environment
which is sperm friendly.

One Hour Before Intercourse:
Put egg white in a covered container by the bed 
 (so it warms to room temperature).
Just before intercourse, lie down on the bed and insert 
NOTE: If you stand up, it will slip right out (so stay lying down). 
The idea is to have the egg-white in vagina at the time of ejaculation.

I understand that
egg white is used in labs
for sperm storage!
Worried about bacteria?

How to use Egg-Whites:

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Mama Kath's suggestions:

  • If it's been a few days since he ejaculated (during your period) now would be a good time to empty hubby so he is shooting fresh ones!

  • There is no need to wait for ovulation to have sex. Sperm that is healthy enough to make it out of the vagina and into the cervix (free from the acidic environment of the vagina) can survive up to 5 days inside the female tract.

  • Morning wood is good! Sex is best for his sperm as it hasn't leaked being exposed to the heat of the day. 

  • SOD (sex on demand) can be taxing for him, so take advantage of as many days as he-is-up-to-it during your fertile window. #4 Herbs for Him can assist with SOD!

  • If you don't see mucus, add the egg-white to make yourself as sperm friendly as possible. 

  • If it were me, I would plan the fertile-window week with opportunities to have fun with your hubby!

  • As to how much egg-white, certainly not the entire egg white, just one scoop of hand. Too much egg-white makes it hard for him to get enough friction to orgasm so foreplay is key! 

  • Here are some videos on How To Use Raw Egg-White: 

Entire process explained:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions!
 Email - Mama Kath

Read this!

Hi Momma Kath,
I work in the "egg" business and
it appears that many people "think" that 
 salmonella is in the yolk of the egg. 

This is not true.
In fact, it is the SHELL which would contain these bacteria,
so it is very important that one washes their hands
after handling eggs.
Sincerely, Pernille

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