Consider monitoring your pH level

Our body is comprised largely of water and this water can be either acidic or alkaline. The acid or alkaline level is measured on a pH scale (potential for hydrogen). 

When our pH is high, we are more alkaline and much more sperm friendly! For DNA-RNA synthesis and the body’s natural cleansing (healing) processes to occur, cell pH must be alkaline. High acidity accelerates and increases the possibility of cellular mutations (cancer) therefore, it is very important to keep your pH in check! 

Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors but nonetheless they are uncontrolled and a source of continuous abnormal cell growth.

Remember, the body is quite capable of clearing away debris if given the proper nutrients. 

You can raise pH (and thus lower acidity by):

  • Eating fresh (raw) foods (fruits and vegetables)
  • Avoiding coffee, sugar and overcooked food. 
  • Get your daily dose of folic acid (Good sources: asparagus, beet greens and broccoli)


Let me introduce you to 

your PSOAS muscle!

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