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Help for Couples...You Are Not Alone! 

TTC Tip #2
Wake up your tummy for increased fertility and vitality!  

Bring new life to your abdomen using a Psoas Massage ~ 
A New Gentle approach pronounced "SO-AS" (PSOAS). 

As a women of childbearing age, there are many things you can do to increase your fertility. One of them is to keep your pelvic girdle flexible so there is a normal blood flow in and out of the area. The "psoas magnus" is a long muscle connecting both vertebrae in the lower (lumbar) spine and edges (margins) of the pelvis. When there has been trauma to the more →

Have a massage therapist check your pelvic girdle (Psoas Muscle a/k/a Pelvic Girdle). Follow this link to watch a video showing a psoas massage! 


Dear TTC'er, during this 18th year, it warms my heart to know we've helped so many couples conceive naturally around the world. 
Take a moment and follow this link to the many Success & Symptom Stories we've collected over the last 17 years. Enjoy hours of reading!

Thank you from Kris

About Us 
What makes us unique is that when you reach out to us for information, I am available to you and for you. Since 1998 when this site was conceived, I have provided couples around the world with information, help and hope. Most importantly, I want you to know, you are not alone! This website provides a forum for you to read the experiences of others who, like you, are doing the best they can with what they have. Love and Positive Thoughts+++ Mama Kath

Pelvic Girdle
Start now preparing your pelvic girdle!

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Before you know you are pregnant...
                                            Fertilzed Eggs Blastocysts  your baby is developing rapidly
So you can look forward to seeing your healthy baby via ultrasound!Ultrasound 12 weeks 1 day 12 weeks 1 day      Ultrasound of child sucking thumbSucking Thumb


To think positive and protect your baby!   Read on... 

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