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#1 Herbs for Her w/ CM (cervical mucus) Enhancer 

#1 is right for you if you have:
  • Regular Cycle
  • Normal Weight 
  • Age 20-30
  • Trying more than 3 months  


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#1 Herbs for Her w/CM Enhancer

What this package will do for you:

The Essential Fatty Acids nourish your nerves and facilitate communication between the cells and herbs to detoxify, balance hormones and strengthen the long muscles of the uterus to lengthen LP (luteal phase) and help prevent miscarriage. 

Supplements in this regime:  Evening Primrose, Flax Seed, Lecithin, Alfalfa, Guaifenesin Syrup, Aspirin, Vitex, Red Raspberry and DGL Licorice Root.

WARNING: Vitex can lessen the effect of clomid.  If you are taking clomid, consider #2 Herbs for Her 

What to expect:

  •        Discreet packaging
  •        Tests (Ph/Pregnancy/Ovulation depending upon availability)
  •        Detailed instructions
  •        Wallet-size Reference Card
  •        Daily Regime Bags
  •        Calendar
  •        Body Basal Temperature chart
  •        TTC Tips Book is complimentary with the first order.  

We are backed by thousands of successes, for example:

"Hi Momma Kath, I was so excited to write you to tell you that I am 6 weeks pregnant after taking 3 months of Herbs for Her! I was in shock at first but it is confirmed that I am pregnant even after my low percentage possibilities. I started out skeptical and then I opened up and committed to the herb idea and sure enough – pregnant at 37. I pray that my pregnancy continues to progress but becoming pregnant is already an accomplishment to celebrate.  Thank you for giving hope to myself and other women!"  Sincerely, Bonnie 

Note: You can get pregnant without cervical mucus, but it definitely helps because it is sexually stimulating!



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